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How To Wear Makeup With Dry Skin

Makeup Tips For Dry Skin There’s nothing worse than applying foundation on flaky, dry skin, or lipstick on cracked lips. We want you to feel confident about your makeup this winter, which is why we’re sharing the best hacks for applying makeup on winter skin. Follow…

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How To Winterize Your Feet

Oh how we miss the days of summer—digging our feet into the sand and feeling their soft soles. As the weather becomes dryer, and we enter the season of dry, cracked skin, it’s important to winterize your feet. We winterize our homes and our cars,…

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10 Benefits Of Going Bare Faced

Every girl’s face needs a breather, no matter your age or lifestyle. And yes, we mean you should go out in public without makeup on (gasp). Surprisingly, taking a day or two without makeup can do wonders for your skin’s health and your own confidence. Aside…