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The Right Order For Applying Makeup

You’re probably thinking, is it really that important? It is. Applying your makeup in a specific order is the difference between matte makeup that lasts all day and dusty makeup that rubs off by lunch. If you find that your eyeshadow ends up by your eyebrows rather than your…

dewy makeup dark skin

7 Tips For Longer Lashes

Now that we know tontouring can make us wake up with an already-perfect complexion, we want to know what will make us wake up with beautiful eyes. Properly caring for your lashes can leave them permanently longer and more luscious. You’ll save big time on your makeup…

ballet pink shimmery makeup

5 Eyeliner Hacks You Must Know

We envy anyone who can effortlessly pull off the perfect cat eye. Eyeliner pulls together the rest of your beauty look by giving your eyes a bit of depth and smokiness. If you’re like us, you’d welcome a little help on how to apply eyeliner without making…

bronze eye makeup

Bright Bronze Eye Makeup

Summer is a busy time, and if you will be attending a formal event here and there, then you’ll need a natural, but dramatic look for your eyes. We love this simple, bright and shimmery bronze look because its natural colors make it perfect for…