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Set of decorative cosmetics on light colorful background

The Right Order For Applying Makeup

You’re probably thinking, is it really that important? It is. Applying your makeup in a specific order is the difference between matte makeup that lasts all day and dusty makeup that rubs off by lunch. If you find that your eyeshadow ends up by your eyebrows rather than your…

woman with pink purse and off-white trench coat

7 Must-Have Purse Products

One can never predict what kind of beauty dilemma could happen during the day, especially between the busy work week and spontaneous weekend activities. Always be prepared for any mishap with these seven purse essentials. For ease of moving from place to another, we never want…

Aveda eye makeup tools

7 At-Home Hacks For Perfect Eyebrows

The amount of tools you can buy to primp your brows is absurd. With everything from eyebrow brushes to eyebrow fillers, you could waste twenty minutes just on your eyebrows. Instead of buying these fancy tools, see our eyebrow hacks that use items you already have…