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There are a few people who will go the extra mile to look good always, even if it would cost them spending their lifetime savings. They do not care about spending their last cash, especially if it will make them look good and give them more confidence to face the world’s challenges.

Have you looked into the mirror and imagine what it would be like to have beautiful plump lips? You can be certain that you are not the only one. Yes, it is on some women’s wish list to have beautiful, plump, thick lips and it is no more news that they look for temporary lip fillers is the only way to achieve this desired result.

Anyway, the advent of a new cosmetic manufacturer who produces good lipsticks and lip glosses with their plumping properties reported they that have produced excellent results for so many women. Result and research have shown that there are many different methods used to achieve plumper lips via temporary lip fillers.

Temporary Lip Fillers: Tips and Tricks

Here is a list of alternative tips and tricks you can do to temporarily make your lips appear full without necessarily going in to have them surgically done:

  • Using a lot of salve and lip balms can hydrate the lips, producing temporary results. Balms are made with a mix of petroleum or waxes.
  • A consistent good massage along with exfoliating regularly will not only make the lips smoother by removing the dead skin cells, but it will circulate the blood in your lips, allowing them to plump up a little.
  • Moisturizers and conditioning products can be a great start for great lips. These conditioners are made with a mix of butters and oils and tend to be more rich and emollient than lip balms. No one wants to walk around with dry chapped lips.
  • Lip plumpers. These products are currently trending in the market. Plumpers are a beauty trade secret that is used by Hollywood celebrities and models to make their lips larger. The active ingredients in them are hyaluronic acid, retinol, and collagen. After some time, you would notice that your lips will slightly become fuller.
    Over-lining your lips will a lip pencil will make them appear larger in seconds!
  • Using a highlighter above the bow of the lips and coming down to the center of the lower lip will give the illusion of larger lips.
  • When a lip gloss is applied to the lips, it performs the work of temporary lip fillers. For the best results, use a color that is slightly lighter than your lip’s natural color to bring out the fullness at the center of the bottom lip.
  • The aromatherapy method can give you the plump lips you desire. Three of these methods involve using cinnamon, cayenne, or peppermint oils. Massaging either of these oils helps to circulate the blood flow which causes the lips to plump up. Remember, the effects are temporary.