thanksgiving nail art

With Halloween over and Christmas right around the corner, the year is ending fast. Everyone knows to dress up for Halloween, and others choose to enjoy a fancy, classy Christmas, as well. What about Thanksgiving? Is there an excuse to dress up for that holiday, too? Whether you choose to dress casual or dressy is up to you, but there’s no reason why your fingers should be naked. Just think about all the food you’ll be serving: don’t your fingers deserve to look nice? Check out these Thanksgiving nail art tutorials below to see which nails suit your Thanksgiving spirit.

Turkey Nails

  1. Start with a white base coat on all of your fingers.
  2. Choose which nail you want to be the accent nail. Take a nail striper and dip it in red polish. Create a feather in the middle of the nail.
  3. Dipping the striper into orange polish, create two smaller feathers on either side of the red feather. In between the orange and red feathers, create two small brown feathers. The order should go: orange, brown, red, brown, orange. Two final red feathers go on the outside of the orange feathers.
  4. With a dark brown polish, make a half circle at the base of where all the feathers meet. Use a dotting tool to make a small brown circle on top to form the turkey’s head.
  5. With the dotting tool, add two white eyes. Two black circles go inside the eyes. Using the orange polish and dotting tool, create a beak.
  6. On the remaining nails, create more feathers in alternating colors, in alternating corners of the nails.
  7. Seal everything with a top coat.

Fall Leaves Nails

  1. Start with a yellow base coat on all your fingers. Allow them to dry.
  2. Paint a makeup sponge with three tones of orange polish and the same yellow, going from darker to lighter, and letting the colors overlap.
  3. Sponge the nails (darker side near the nail bed and lighter side at the tip). Repeat two more times. Clean up any excess off your fingers.
  4. Using a brown polish and a nail striper, paint leaves onto the nail, about three to four leaves per nail. It helps to practice on paper first. Draw them in different directions, not uniform.
  5. Seal with a top coat.

Give Thanks Nails

  1. Paint your index, middle and pinky fingers red with gold glitter. Paint your thumb and ring nails gold.
  2. On your index finger, use white polish and a nail striper to write the word “give” across the nail. Optional: outline the word with black polish to lowlight it.
  3. On your middle finger, use white polish and a nail striper to write the word “thanks” across the nail. Optional: outline the word with black polish to lowlight it.
  4. On your ring and thumb fingers, use a red polish and nail striper to create leaves across the nail. Blend in a little orange paint onto the leaf while it’s still wet. Outline the leaf with black paint.
  5. Seal everything with a top coat.