If you have dyed hair, you’ll know the new level of angst every time you need to wash your hair. Every time you wash, that’s your beautiful bottle color going right down the drain. But if you have even slightly oily hair, not washing often isn’t an option.

Enter color depositing conditioners. Now you can wash your hair angst-free as conditioning puts that color right back into your strands. Below are some of the best color depositing conditioners on the market.

Here are our favorite color depositing conditioners.

oVertone: This is one of the most popular color-depositing treatments for fashion colors (you can choose from a daily conditioner and a weekly treatment). There’s every color you could want, from red to pink to blue to silver.

Pure Blends Color Balancing Conditioner: This product actually comes as a conditioner that keeps color safe. It works best with the color-depositing shampoo that comes in nine shades. While not technically a color-depositing conditioner, it’s worth mentioning because of how popular the system is.

Aveda Color Depositing Conditioner: This popular line is made from botanicals and has a strong herbal scent. The company carries lines for red, brunette, grey and blonde hair. There are also color-depositing shampoos, but opt for a conditioner alone if you’re strapped for cash, as these aren’t cheap.

Pureology Reviving Red Red Reflect Enhancer: Anyone trying to keep a red shade vibrant will know how badly the color can wash right down the drain. This conditioning treatment helps deposit color back into the strands.

L’Oreal Colorist Color Depositing Conditioner: This popular line comes in a wide variety of specific shades like mahogany, white violet and red clover.

Clairol Shimmer Lights Conditioner: For blonde shades, this product brightens lighter hair, while getting rid of brassiness.

Beyond the Zone Vibrant Color Depositing Conditioner: This conditioner helps hair stay smooth on its own, but deposits color when mixed with the adjacent product called Color Shotz. It comes in pink, turquoise or purple.

Redken Blonde Idol Custom-Tone Conditioner: This product allows you to customize how much toner you add to your conditioner with each application, all from one bottle. It reduces brassiness in blonde shades.

Joico Color-Infuse Conditioner: This product works a bit differently. It says that it anchors dye to the hair with its Anionic Dye Technology.

Wella Professionals Color Recharge: This conditioner has color-depositing pigments in it. It comes in blonde, brunette and red shades.

Pravana NEVO Color Enhancer Treatment: This conditioning treatment is meant to extend the length between salon visits. It’s mostly available through salons.

eSalon Tinted Love Color Enhancing Treatment: This service will actually custom blend a hair color for you and ship it over to you. While not a hardcore conditioner, they do have this color-enhancing treatment that adds pigments to dye jobs to extend the color.

BOOST + BURST PRO Color Enhancing Conditioner: This line comes as a BOOST shampoo and a BURST conditioner. The shampoo tends to be faint, and the conditioner gives an extra oomph of color.

Davines Alchemic Conditioner: This popular line provides a dose of color with every treatment. It works best if you use the line’s shampoo and conditioner. It comes in the standard hair shades: blonde, brunette, copper and deep red. It also has a silver shade.

John Frieda Color Refreshing Gloss: Again, not exactly a conditioner, but this in-shower gloss that refreshes color will feel like using one.