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Image: Shutterstock/Svyatoslava Vladzimirska

With all the parties and family gatherings, the holidays are a great time to show off those new makeup products you bought. But you may be wondering what shade of lip color to buy. There are the obvious reds that go great with the holidays. There’s even green as a statement trend option. Then you have your less traditional holiday colors that are muted enough to go with any winter trend and timeless enough to work at any party. Below are the top lip colors to wear for the holidays.

Moisturizing Deep Red

Red is a classic holiday color, and on top of that, winter may mean you need some extra moisture. Give a moisturizing lip crayon a go. Try: Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Moisturizing Lip Crayon in Napa Vineyard.

Muted, Dark Nude

Looking for a more nude shade for that casual holiday gathering? Then try a dark nude that fits in with the darker style tones of winter. Try: SHANY Matte Lipstick in Chosen.

Deep Crimson

A classic crimson is a no-brainer for the holidays. Try: Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick, 011.


A basic nude shade looks great any time of the year. A brighter, yet still deep, flesh nude shade may be perfect for casual winter outings. Plus, it won’t contrast against some paler winter skin types. Try: Rimmel Kate Lipstick, 45.

Deep Pink

Even though it’s the holidays and the dead of winter, you don’t have to neglect those berry pink shades. A darker, deeper pink still works around the holidays. Try: SHANY Creme Lipstick in Amour.

Bright Green

This total statement trend color would be great at a wacky holiday party, perhaps one with an ugly sweater theme. A bright pine green might remind you of hanging garland and decorating trees. Try: SHANY Bold Lipstick in Pine Green.

Classic Dark Red

Going back to classic holiday reds, you can’t go wrong with a dark red. It speaks to the holiday and the darker red shade is a popular color all winter long. Try: Maybelline Color Sensational Matte Lip Color in Warm & Cozy.

Dark Rose

This deep, sultry color is perfect for winter months. It’s something between a pink and deep red, making it a perfect blend of a holiday red and a timeless rose. Try: Long Lasting Lipstick Liquid to Matte Highly Pigmented Lip Gloss in Rose.

Black Cherry

This super dark shade of red is perfect for winter and holiday parties. It’s also a more muted color if you don’t want to go too bold. Try: Revlon Super Lustrous Creme Lipstick in Black Cherry 477.

Bright Red

Can’t go wrong around the holidays with a bright, fire engine red lip color. It’ll remind you of bright tree ornaments and blazing red bows on presents. Try: Living Nature Lipstick in Wild Fire.