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The Best Supplements For Thick Hair

It can be very frustrating to get the hair style you are looking for when you have thin hair. Thin hair lacks the body and volume needed to look full or hold curls, and it often falls flat even with the use of volumizing products. However, by taking the right supplements, you have the ability to actually thicken your hair. What you have to do is find the supplements that moisturize the scalp and create strong follicles. Let’s look at what your hair needs to increase its thickness and great options on the market that are worth a try. Here are the best supplements for thick hair. 

What Your Hair Needs

The vitamins and minerals that you must have in order to thicken your hair include:

  •         Vitamin E: improves circulation and oxygen in the blood
  •         L-Cysteine: fights toxins and encourages growth
  •         Vitamin C: ensures that the L-cysteine does not cause any issues within the body
  •         B Vitamin Complex: should include B-3 or niacin, B-5, B-6, and B-12
  •         Omega-3 Fatty Acids: moisturizes the scalp
  •         Silica: strengthens hair and keeps it from falling out

Great Hair Supplements

Now here are some supplements for thick hair that provide extra nutrition.

Hair Essentials

You take a multi-vitamin for your body so why not take one for your hair? Hair Essentials has a plethora of ingredients that will help in stimulating healthy hair growth including iodine, zinc, Chinese herbs, vitamin A, vitamin C, bamboo, horsetail (containing silica), and much more. All of these are exactly what are required to have to repair, renew, and thicken your luscious locks.

Neal’s Yard Beauty Boost

The combination of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytonutrients found in Neal’s Yard Beauty Boost are going to create a healthier structure to your hair. When taking this to increase the integrity of your tresses, you are additionally going to be benefiting your skin and nails. Found in this supplement are MSM, pine bark extract, and frankincense.


In just 30 days Nourage claims that it can revive your unhealthy hair. The supplement provides the proper combination of antioxidants, vitamins, and proteins blended together that have been proven to make your hair tougher at the source. This beauty aid is also good for your skin and nails.

Country Life Biotin

The high-potency Country Life Biotin supplement is loaded with what is otherwise known as vitamin H. It is believed that this supplement can be taken when you are looking to add protein to the actual hair shaft. A cosmetic dermatologist has even determined through scientific studies that biotin has shown to help the health of hair. You will have to try it for yourself to discover your own results.

When you want a little help making your hair healthier and thicker, while also protecting it from future damages, consider adding one of these supplements to your daily regimen. By consuming the proper vitamins and minerals, you are going to stimulate healthy hair growth from the roots, and can also reap other health benefits like improved nail and skin health. There’s nothing to lose in giving these a shot!