blonde woman sleeping in a white bed

You’ve heard the phrase “beauty sleep” thrown around as if it’s something referring to Audrey Hepburn’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s sleep mask and wearing pretty pink lingerie. Reality check—beauty sleep is a real thing, and we all could use more of it. If you’re suffering from dark circles, acne, and dull skin, then you’re likely to experience premature aging too if you don’t book more hours on the pillow. You need between 7-9 hours of sleep to earn your beauty rest. Learn about the consequences of not getting enough sleep, and find out how you can fall asleep faster every night.

If you think you’re too busy to get the right amount of sleep, then let us inform you that your skin will always be busier. During the day your skin is focused on fighting invaders and stabilizing molecules. While you sleep, your skin goes into repair mode, sending fresh cells to the epidermis to rejuvenate the skin. If your body doesn’t have enough time to repair its skin, then you’ll wake up with dull skin, dark circles, and increased breakouts. A lack of sleep will also increase stress, whether you realize it or not, and stress leads to even more breakouts.

Pulling an all-nighter doesn’t mean you can cover up these dilemmas with fancy makeup—if you feel tired, you’ll look tired no matter the amount of makeup. Unfortunately, the longer you keep up the habit of going to bed late, the sooner you’ll see the effects of aging. With a lack of sleep, you’re reducing the time your skin has to repair itself, which means you’ll be less likely to combat premature aging, as well as the bacteria and invaders that increase all possible skin nightmares.

If you can’t fall asleep immediately when hitting the sack, try some of these tips to ease into beauty sleep on a regular basis.

  • Schedule a later workout or yoga session to help switch your brain from work mode to relaxation mode.
  • Take a bath with soothing essential oils.
  • Don’t drink alcohol late at night. Alcohol will greatly affect your sleep quality, ensuring bags under your eyes.
  • Go to bed at the same time every night so that your body knows when to shut down.
  • Turn off all the lights. Don’t expose lights from your computer or other technology. If this is too difficult, use a mask to fully eliminate the light.
  • Keep your room cool by lowering the temperature or using a fan.
  • If noise is an issue for you at night, use noise-canceling headphones or ear plugs. Everyone should try using ambient noise, like rainfall, for easier sleeping.
  • Lie on your back and imagine yourself relaxing your muscles from your toes all the way to your forehead. Breathe deeply throughout the whole process.
  • Another relaxation technique is to imagine things you dislike and visualize them turning black. This is an effective technique for relieving stress before bed.
  • Read a book, and we guarantee by page two you’ll be fast asleep.
  • Sleep with a pillow between your legs.
  • Meditate before bed.
  • Drink calming tea.