If you have long hair, it’s always fun to find new ways to style long hair—it’s just so versatile! If you have short hair, no worries. You may just find some inspiration for when you might feel like wearing your hair long again. Or there’s always hair extensions. Below are some fun ideas to style long hair, all shockingly easy.

The side part

Want to look a little different, and not put forth too much effort? Simply brush your hair so it parts in a different place. You’ll accent your look in a new way, and it will only take a second. Plus, you’ll see a boost in volume!

The side braid

Take a chunk of your hair on the front side of your head and French braid it, leaving the length of your hair loose. It’s a punkish look for a braid.

Side twisted pony with flower

Tie a ponytail under one ear, and twist a strand of hair over the tie. Then pin it. Add a large flower above the ponytail.

Scarf wrap

Usually done with a headband, this wrapped look adds a casual scarf to the mix. Tie a scarf around your head so it forms one band. Then twist your hair around the scarf at the back.

Fake bob

Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

You could always bring the ends of your hair up, sweeping towards your neck, and pin them under the outer layer of your hair. It’s a good way for your hair to look short for a night, without getting the scissors.

Add beach waves or soft curls

Some subtle beach waves or curls will spice up any tired straight look. Either use a curling iron or sleep with wet hair pulled into two buns for easy waves.

Side pony with waves

Tie a ponytail under one ear and then give the length of the ponytail some waves with a curling iron.

Boho half-up hairdo

Simply grab two thin strands of hair on either side of your head, and tie them at the back for an easy, minimalist half-do.


A chignon is a knotted or coiled pattern at the back of the head. Make it easy by flipping a ponytail over itself and tucking the rest of the ponytail into the flipped portion.

Fishtail braid

One easy way to do a slightly different braid is to go with the less common fishtail braid.

Subtle twist

Grab a section of hair right above your temple and twist it back, then secure. It’s an easy way to add style without sacrificing much time.

Half-up braid

Do two, loose three-strand braids and lead them to the back of your head like a classic half-up hairdo.

Twist ponytail

For this look, simply divide a ponytail into two sections. Wrap one section around the tie of the ponytail, leading it behind the tie and through the hair leading to the ponytail. You’ll have an instant twisted ponytail for a casual, slightly embellished look.

Cut some layers

If you really want to add a different feel, layers add immediate style to any long hair look. You may want to go to a stylist and look at some photos for inspiration before you start chopping away, however.