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The most popular hair trends from fashion hotspots

Following the latest trends out of certain cities like L.A., Paris or New York may seem like a very classic way to go about your fashion trends. After all, who needs glossy photos from runways when we have selfies on Instagram? But a lot of the trends are still coming out of these fashion hotspots, even if it looks like it may be coming off random selfies. (Who do you think inspires some of these selfies?) Below are the most popular hair trends from fashion hotspots.

Braids (New York): The classic braid is back, with everything from French braids to classic three-strand braids.

Knotted hair (Paris): Messy hair with actual tied knots is huge this year. Simply twist bits of hair at the back, tie and loop it over itself into a knotted pattern.

The knotted bun (New York): Forget a simple, messy twist bun. Buns are being pulled up into complex knot patterns right now.

Quilted hair (Paris): This is probably the most interesting look. Hair is pulled back into three thin ponytails that are tied at the top of the neck. The hair on the head is tied to reveal a square pattern, and crossed ribbons run all the way down the three ponytails.

Long and side-swept (L.A.): You can also wear hair long and sweep longer bangs to the side for this classic and trendy look.

Choppy bangs (Paris): Fans of messy, choppy bangs can rejoice. It’s a hit right now.

Bob with long bangs (L.A.): L.A. is digging the bob cut right now, and it looks stunning with long bangs.

Messy hair (New York): More commonly called the “air-dried” look, it’s a messy, bedhead-like textured look to hair.

Cornrows (Paris): Paris went native with a cornrow look (also paired with fur and a bone necklace, but you can ditch that part if you want).

Platinum pink (L.A.): Since crazy hair colors are big, this list wouldn’t be complete without some form of a fashion color. This look is, of course, platinum blonde, but it has a very subtle pink overcast. The kind of subtle where you have to stare to see it.

Large barrettes (New York): Think barrettes are for school children? Not this season, and the more ornate the barrette the better.

Light layers (L.A.): Long hair with some light, wispy layers is a hot look right now.

Twists (New York): Another popular look is to simply twist the length of hair that’s pulled back in a ponytail.

Simple half ponytail (Paris): When tying a ponytail, only draw half the ponytail through the tie so you have a hanging half pony.

Long red with bangs (L.A.): Bright red color on long hair with bangs is a hot look right now out on the West Coast.