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Bright colored makeup like neons or vibrant primaries can be really intimidating, but not necessarily if you use them correctly. Whether it’s a subtle pop of color or an entirely colorful look, there are beautiful ways to play up the colored makeup products you use. Here are some ways to pull off bright colored makeup for summer.

Choosing the right colors

eyeshadow color wheel
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When choosing which bright colors to use, it really is all about trial and error. There are no rules. Generally speaking though, try to choose colors that complement each other but aren’t too similar. Reds and blues, for example, complement each other very nicely (think nautical themes) but they clearly don’t match too much. Look through your makeup collection and hold colors up next to each other. If they look nice together, go for it! Don’t be afraid to try something new that seems crazy—you might end up loving the outcome after a few tries.


bright eyeshadow
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After choosing bright eyeshadow colors you want to try out, figure out where to place them. A lighter neon color will work in the crease along with a neutral transition color. BLEND! Make sure to blend the crease color very well and even take it down onto the lid to ensure better blending later. Then, put a medium color all over the lid (like a bright green, coral or purple) to be the star of the show. Blend here as well, but don’t blend the lid color too far into the crease because it could start to look a little messy. Finish off the eyeshadow with a darker color in the crease, like a navy blue or any deep jewel toned shade. The contrast between the bright lid color as well as the dimension will take your eyeshadow look to a whole new level. Urban decay makes amazing quality eyeshadows, this palette gives you lots of options to choose from.

If you’re intimidated by these bright colors, start off your bright colored makeup a little more muted and work your way up. Use warmer colors to create a “sunset eye” and incorporate a bright orange in the crease. The use of one bright color can step up any look, so go from there with what you’re comfortable with.


pop of blue
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A more toned-down and simple way to incorporate color to your look is to use a bright eyeliner. While still noticeable and bold, a swipe of bright eyeliner is less intimidating than a full eyeshadow look. Make it dramatic with a wing, or just draw a thin line along the lash line. If you have brown eyes, a bright purple eyeliner will bring them out beautifully. Purple will also look amazing against green eyes, and actually a blue eyeliner will bring out blue eyes. Don’t stick to these colors though, feel free to experiment! Here, try this one from NYX.


purple lip
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Lip colors are where you can really be bold with your bright colored makeup. “Unwearable” colors like bright purples, blues, greens and pink can seem like too much. But if you apply the rest of your makeup (foundation, blush and eyes) with a light hand, your lips can be the focus and not overpowered. Just a little mascara (neutral eyeliner if you must) will let your lips live and be the bright color they are. With a black outfit, a bright pop of color on the lips will stand out in the best way. Try this lipstick from NYX, or any of them for that matter, they’re creamy and amazing.

When wearing bright colors on your eyes however, keep the lips simple. The lip color can still be somewhat different than the usual nude, but not too bright. You’ll look like a clown real quick. Mauves, pinks and muted purples will all complement bright eye looks beautifully.