Fashion portrait of sensual sexy woman with perfect elegant hairstyle and natural makeup posing at sea port on sunset, wearing trendy light cashmere coat and golden top, Soft natural colors.
Image: Shutterstock/Ann Haritonenko

Tight, bouncy curls have become a thing of the past. The hottest looks feature loose, tousled curls that are uneven and slightly messy. They’re all about volume and texture rather than perfection. This most-wanted look won’t be ruined as you run your hands through your hair throughout the day, but this habit will actually make it look even better. So before you wrap all of your hair around your curling iron and hold it for a minute, try this tutorial on how to get loose waves.

The key to perfect curls is to let go of your idea of perfection. Use a wand curling iron for best results. Wands are more likely to create loose, sexy waves. For every piece you curl, hold the wand behind your hair and wrap your hair around so that the curls are all curling backward, away from the mirror. Don’t wrap your hair completely around the wand, but rather curl the part closest to your scalp and hold for two or three seconds. Then loosen your wand and wrap the rest of the strand around the wand, leaving the very tip of your hair untouched.

Start with dry hair. Separate your hair into two big sections and bring the sections in front of your shoulders. The first piece you should curl is the strand farthest to the front and on the thicker side of your head. The thicker side will be the opposite of the side you part your hair on. Continue curling thick sections of hair along the top of your head on both sides. Run your fingers gently through these curled sections to loosen them up. With your hair still divided into two sections in front of your shoulders, pull together the bottom layer of your hair on one side and curl it for two to three seconds with all of your hair wrapped around the wand. Repeat on the other side.

Now that everything is partially curled, use a dime-sized amount of styling cream to add more volume and texture. You can also shape the styling cream to curl any end pieces that look too straight. Our favorite styling cream is Mannequin by R+Co.