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Image: Shutterstock/BeautyBlowFlow

The Prettiest Spring Eye Makeup Trends You Must Know

Looking for a hotter look in hotter weather? Now that spring is here in full force, meaning sunny days and flowers instead of cold rain, it’s the perfect excuse to experiment with some of the prettiest spring eye makeup trends. Below is your guide to updating your look for fun in the sun.

Neon blue eyes: One of the hottest trends from fashion runways is bright blue eye makeup in all permutations. It’s in eyeliners and eye shadows. And heavy, geometrically creative blue eye shadow is especially a hit. Apply it under eyes, above eyes and in whatever shape you wish.

Glitter eyes: Glitter eye shadow is a must-have look this spring, whether using it as a subtle accent or laying it on thick.

Cranberry eye shadow: This shade is red with a bit of brown mixed in. It’s a trendy color that’s proving it doesn’t have to be restricted to fall.

Getting creative with white eye shadow: White eye shadow is huge, and the more creatively you can apply it, the better. Applying it on the outside of the eyelid in a wing shape is especially trendy right now.

Spring smoky eye: Just because it’s spring doesn’t mean you have to avoid the smoky eye. Just opt for lighter shades like light grey or metallic blue.

Ombre eyes: Two-toned eyes are a great way to make use of color this spring. Light grey eye shadow on the eyelid leading into cranberry eye shadow under the eyebrows is a popular look.

Confetti wings: Thick glitter brushed away from the outer eye is a hot look right now.

Metallic eye shadow: Whether gold, bronze or silver, a heavy dose of metallic eye shadow is making a huge appearance at fashion shows everywhere this spring.

Peach/pink eyes: Peach and pink eye shadows are a big deal this season. It’s a bright, romantic feel that’s sometimes referred to as a “sunset” look.

Clumpy lashes: One hot trend is purposefully clumpy lashes for a statement look. The idea is to use a heavy defining mascara and really glob it on there.

Lavender eyelids: A gorgeous pastel lavender is a no-brainer for the bright colors of spring.

Bright bottom eyeliner: Using bright eyeliner only under the eye is totally in right now, especially in bright cobalt blues. Though any other bright color like white could work.

Metallic moss eye shadow: Just as green is returning outside, this deep, natural green is perfect for getting the colors of spring into your look. The metallic shimmer adds a neat twist.

Jade eye shadow: This brilliant blue-green shade is popular for both eyeliner and eye shadow.

Rose gold eye shadow: Just as rose gold makes a great look for warm weather hair, it’s a wonderful shade for the eyes.