girl in black with blond hair
Image: Siarhei Zhukavets/Shutterstock

It probably comes as no surprise, but I will do anything for my hair. This means I’m willing to pay more than I probably should for products that claim to solve all my hair dreams and wishes. Sadly many products have disappointed, but many have been just as good, if not better, than they claim. I stumbled upon a new styling paste by R+Co recently, called Mannequin, and it has instantly become my favorite go-to hair product.

To give you some context, I’m a huge fan of Kerastase, a high-end hair styling brand with products that can end up costing more than getting your hair done costs. Kerastase has left my hair brilliantly smooth, clean, and soft. Stepping out of the shower after using Kerastase shampoo and conditioner feels similar to that irresistible softness you feel after leaving the hair salon. You could not pry my fingers from my Kerastase products…until now. I still stand by the brand and will continue to use their products occasionally, but R+Co is certainly going to replace a handful of my hair products. The good news? R+Co provides top notch products, but won’t sell anything above $30, which means you’ll receive products that would normally cost upwards of $40, but you won’t have to break the bank to get them.

Now let’s talk Mannequin. If you love air-drying your hair, sleeping in wet hair, or not washing your hair for days on end, then this product was made for you. If these characteristics don’t describe you, stay put! Mannequin is a styling paste that can be used after blow-drying your hair too. For perfectly tousled hair, put down the round brush and skip the blowout. Blow dry your hair in a messier fashion. If you prefer a straight tousled style, simply add a dime-sized amount of paste to your hands and work it through your hair for a piecey look. If you are a fan of curls, then gently curl miscellaneous strands of hair without touching the tips of your hair. Run the paste through your curls while separating the strands. This will leave you with a more “beachy waves” tousled look.

For those of you who are avid air-dryers and wet-hair-sleepers, you’ll soon discover how much easier styling can be. When you are getting ready in the morning whether you slept in wet hair or your hair is getting close to air drying, apply the Mannequin paste throughout your hair and style the strands how you desire them to look. You can literally curl a wisp of hair by your forehead and Mannequin will make it stay put. As you play with your hair throughout the day you are continuing to style the product and could make your hair look even better the more you mess with it!

Well, there you have it. I promise you, you won’t regret trying out Mannequin. You’ll save time styling your hair, and you’ll end up with perfectly tousled waves that have never been easier before.