Sphynx Travel Razor
Image: Sphynx Razor

We love summer, but we’d be lying if we said we didn’t miss the days of long yoga pants that covered up our hairy legs. Smooth legs feel amazing, but sometimes it feels like we’re shaving almost every day. Shave one day, then the next day you find a little patch on your knee… If you’re like us and you can’t keep up with your legs, then you’ll love the Sphynx Travel Razor. This portable razor is a safe way to quickly shave while on the go. We’re not talking just a little spot here and there, because this razor comes with a soap that allows you to shave larger portions when you don’t have the time to shower. The excess soap simply rubs into your legs for a little extra moisturizer!

We love this handy tool because summer can be so unpredictable. One minute you’re headed to the pool with friends, and the next minute you get asked on a date that same night. Save your time worrying about your outfit and hair, and use the Sphynx razor to touch up trouble spots. Keep it in your purse in case you head to the bathroom and notice another hairy spot. We advise keeping the razor in your beach bag too for easy access while laying out. The only thing you need aside from the razor is water, and you can get that from your water bottle or a nearby sink. This razor makes shaving completely stress-free. This safe beauty hack is also great for music festivals, camping, or road trips where you have less access to a nice shower.

Once you try the Sphynx razor yourself, you’ll be hooked. The razor comes in white, black, nautical stripes, and pretty pastel florals. The product is also small enough to fit in your palm, which means it will fit in anything you carry. This summer, you won’t go anywhere without your own portable razor!

How to Use the Sphynx Travel Razor:

  1. Remove cap
  2. Use a spray bottle or washcloth to wet the area you plan to shave
  3. Use both hands to turn the center so the soap appears
  4. Rub soap on your skin in the area you will shave
  5. Turn the center again and shave the selected area
  6. Rub leftover soap in as moisturizer