Attractive young woman doing her makeup in front of the bathroom mirror
Image: Shutterstock/StudioFI

Have you ever wished you were a wash and go kind of girl? You know that girl who just breezes out of the shower whips her hair into a ponytail and heads out the door looking fabulous without a smudge of makeup. That girl might have been your college roommate, your ex’s new girlfriend, or even your sister.

But not you. No, you’re the girl with a sink counter jammed so full of beauty products that you’re thinking of opening up shop. It takes a full hour just to do makeup, and that’s if you’re having a good day.

It all gets so tiring after awhile, though, right? After years of doing the cleanser, wash, astringent, toner, moisturizer train, it’s time to get off the track and slip into a minimalist makeup routine that’s more relaxed. Welcome to your new minimalist makeup routine.

Clean and Moisturize in One Step

For years people have been telling you that you shouldn’t use soap on your skin. But instead of using something even better, you might have started using some wonderful-smelling chemical cleanser that might be worse than soap.

Now that we know so much about the benefits of coconut oil, you can safely use it to cleanse and moisturize your skin in one step. Just take some coconut butter and apply it to a tissue. Wipe over your skin gently as it removes makeup (even mascara!) and cleans and moisturizes all at once. Use a new tissue as the old one gets soiled. Finally, do something else for a few minutes while the coconut oil seeps into your skin. You shouldn’t have to wipe away any excess if you’ve let it soak in long enough.

Replace Your Foundation With Bronzing Lotion

Invest in a very high end bronzing lotion so you don’t end up looking like a short, singing cast member from Charlie’s Chocolate Factory (You know which characters I’m talking about). Start applying each morning, and eventually—when the bronzer has started working—you’ll be able to skip the foundation altogether because your skin will have a beautiful, natural-looking glow.

Skip the Powder

Once you start moisturizing with coconut oil, you’ll find after a day or two that your skin doesn’t produce as much oil. Yes, it’s counterintuitive to think that applying oil to your face will make it less greasy, but it’s true. Your skin only overproduces oil because it’s trying to get that oil to sit on the skin to moisturize it. Now that you’re taking care of the job with coconut oil, your skin will know it’s in good hands and stop overproducing oil.

Pinch an Inch

The fastest way to achieve rosy cheeks with as little makeup as possible is to give your cheeks a little pinch. The movement will bring blood closer to the surface of your skin, making you look healthy and colorful in just the right places.

Bite Your Lip!

That’s right. Biting your lips (gently!) will give them a fresh-kissed look that enhances their natural coloring. This is also a good way to find out what shade of lipstick you should be wearing, if you ever decide to go back to wearing lipstick again. Be sure to go easy on your lips. A little bite will suffice to bring color into them, as well as plump them up a bit.

Use a Pencil on the Eyes

Just one kohl pencil can be used to line the eyes, create cat eyes if you like, and fill in brows. If kohl is too dark for your coloring, substitute dark brown. No mascara will even be needed if you line the top eyelid as well as the bottom.

So that’s it. Let’s count. Coconut oil, bronzer, and an eyeliner pencil. Three things is all you need to really look your natural best. Who knew?