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Looking for a way to update your look? One of the easiest ways to completely and radically change your look is to go for a shorter hairstyle. Short hairstyles are especially helpful when the weather is warm, since you don’t have to worry about keeping your hair up and out of the way on sweaty days. Below are our favorite short hairstyles to shake up your look. Say goodbye to ugly hairstyles.

Wavy bob

Create some elegant flair in a bob by adding some choppy, layered ends and a slight wave to your hair.

Basic lob

A longer form of the bob, this cut rests anywhere between right above the shoulders and under the chin. It looks great with a side part and hair swept across one side of the forehead.

Straight shoulder length

Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

This classic look goes great any time of the year. It’s hallmarked by a middle part and pencil-straight locks all the way to the shoulders.

Short waves

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Image: Pinterest

Shoulder-length hair with some fun waves added makes a great beach look. It’s the texture of beach waves without the upkeep of long hair.

Pulled-back lob

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Image: Pinterest

Brushed back from the face, this lob is a fun, minimalist look.


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Image: Pinterest

A very trendy look is to have short hair at the back leading into long chin-length hair at the front. It’s always been a favorite of rebel looks, but it has been gradually coming into the mainstream over the years. Pair it with rainbow fashion colors to keep the non-mainstream look alive.


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Image: Pinterest

A popular look is to layer shoulder-length hair at the bottom, and allow the strands to sweep out away from the neck. You’ll sometimes see it labeled as an updated “The Rachel” from the ‘90s.

Short rainbow hair

Get the basic lob, and then spice it up with some rainbow hair. Fashion colors are much easier to keep up on shorter hair, since they need so many touchups.

Short side-swept bangs

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Image: Pinterest

Keep it simple with shoulder-length hair and a side part with hair swept across your forehead. It’s a great look for when you don’t want your hair too short.

Tousled pixie cut

Can’t forget the pixie while talking about short hair, since it has been all the rage in Hollywood in recent years. A fun look with the pixie is to keep the top slightly longer than a normal pixie, and keep it looking messy for a sassy, punk look.

Curled bob

Simply add some slight curls to a bob for a glamorous, retro look.

Close-cropped pixie

This list wouldn’t be complete without the classic close-cropped pixie. It looks great in an era when people don’t feel as confined to classic gender rules with their hair (ie. long equals women, short equals men).

Bangs and bob

You could get straight bangs with a pencil-straight bob cut. It’s a classic look that goes well with a sharp fashion sense.

Layered pixie

Going for a pixie with some soft layers on the top adds a bit of flair to a normally austere look.

Short curls

One wild look is to have short hair all around, and tight curls at the top. It’s a very attractive look that’s perfect for those with naturally curly hair.