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With winter approaching, you may be wondering what you can do with your hair to keep things fresh. Depending on your climate, your hair may have lost some of its summer volume and is looking lank and dull. Winter has a way of doing that, so it’s a good time to experiment with your winter hairstyles.

Even if your hair looks fabulous, being cooped up inside is a great excuse to play around with your hair. Below are some of the top winter hairstyles to try out. Most of these styles veer on the long side, from longer bobs to epic lengths, since cutting hair super short in the winter can be oddly drafty.

The messy bob

Winter probably means flatter hair and less beach waves. Get some of that fun back with a wavy, textured messy bob.

Point-cut crop

Another winter favorite is a crop right around the shoulders with a bold point cut at the bottom to give it some oomph.

Straight strands

Being winter, you may want to wear your hair down to cut back on feeling exposed on drafty days. So straight, healthy and sleek strands are a huge hit in winter.

Rapunzel-like lengths

A huge hit this winter is long, long hair. Even if you don’t have hair that long, maybe some extensions are in order to capitalize on this hot trend.

Wild curls

Another look that’s popular for winter is curls. These usually are the messy, casual variety that intermix with the full length of the hair. It’s a way to get some of that summer texture back in the middle of winter. Rather than looking out of place, it looks light and fun.

The deep side part

Extreme side parts swung out of obscurity and right into the hearts of fashionistas. They’ve been all over fashion shows. All you have to do for this one is part your hair far to the right or left.

Blunt-cut bangs

Thick bangs are back. The pencil-straight bangs that hang right above the eyes are an attention grabber in the winter season.