thick beautiful eyebrows
By: Ernest Duffoo

Yes, going to the salon to get your eyebrows done is a great idea, but never very quick or budget-friendly. Eyebrows grow fast and life is unpredictable. That’s why we’re going to help you get your eyebrows to look perfect in a jiffy for that last-minute date or job interview. The key is to never take off too much. A little goes a long way, and we’ll show you just how to acquire your perfect shape.

The first step is to choose where your eyebrows should start from the inside. Never guess! If you assume you can guess, and choose the right spot, and make them even, you’ll still be slightly off. The easiest way to figure out where to start is to hold your tweezers upside down so the open end is pointing downward. Place them right against each side of your nose and make a little mark with an eyeliner or lip pencil to mark these spots. Everything past your mark can be plucked away, especially that middle section above your nose—no unibrows welcome here!

Now we’ll continue with our geometry by holding the tweezers from the corner of your nostril at a diagonal straight up to the other side of your brow. If your tweezers aren’t long enough for this, find a different product that is. Make another mark at these ends so you know how long your eyebrows should be. Again, everything beyond the mark can go. Slow down before tweezing above or below your brow—you may need those!

For beautiful, thick eyebrows, aim for a half inch width. Whatever you do, don’t go thinner than a quarter inch. Use an eye pencil to draw a line across the bottom of your brow. Draw your natural shape by resembling the line along the top. Think about it. The brows you envy usually have a lift to them three-quarters of the way across. This is because they’re not straight along the bottom, but they go up when the top of the brow goes up. Pluck the stray hairs below the line and any that make your line uneven. If you’re unsure whether a hair is above or below your line, go ahead and leave it.

It’s time to create that perfect arch. Place a dot where both your brow bone is and the outer line of your iris is lined up. This dot will guide the shape of the bottom of your eyebrows by helping you shape the tail. If there is hair below the dot and the remaining brow, you can remove it.

As for the top, you do not want to remove any hair unless it is a stray trying to escape to your forehead. To complete your shape, we recommend using a brow brush to comb your eyebrow hairs into one even direction. Look at you, beautiful brows.