pink lips
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Properly caring for your lips and choosing the right color and products will greatly impact your overall look. Lips stand out from everything else in your makeup routine for many reasons. Aside from being full and uniquely shaped, they are the contrast color to your eye and face makeup. When you have dark and smoky eyes, a light pink or nude lip is essential. When you have neutral makeup, you can choose a rare shade of pink or red for a lip color that really shines, and cat eyes always call for dark red or plum lips.

eos lemon drop lip balm sphere SPF 15
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Soft lips will help your lipstick and lipgloss appear more even. Apply chapstick daily, but also remember to never lick or bite your lips when they are dry. This will only dry them out more and make the healing process longer. Another way to protect your lips and keep them soft is to use an SPF balm. Many people don’t realize that your lips are just as susceptible to sun damage as your skin is. Before applying lipstick, it is a good idea to apply a light base layer of lip balm. We love eos Smooth Sphere Lip Balm in Lemon Drop SPF 15 because it makes your lips soft while tasting delicious and protecting your lips from the harsh sun.

applying lip liner
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On top of the balm, apply a light layer of concealer if you are using a darker lipstick. This will make the lip stain last longer and look more like the actual color of the stick. We’ve all had those moments of applying red lipstick and looking like we’ve acquired some strange allergy around the edges of our lips. A lip pencil should also be applied if you are using a darker color to sharpen the edges and create contrast between your lips and skin. Carefully trace the edges of your lips completely and take a step back from the mirror to see if your lines look like the natural lining of your lips. When applying nude or natural lip colors, a pencil is not necessary. Smack your lips a few times to get complete coverage, then use a cotton swab or your finger to gently remove any lip stain that moved past your lips.

If your lipstick appears shinier than you want, you can simply grab some eye shadow of the same color and dab a bit on the top of your lipstick. This will automatically create a matte lip stain. To quickly make your lips look more plump or to create an ombre affect, dabble a little shimmering eye shadow to the center area of your bottom lip.

When applying lip gloss, check your brush first. If you’ve been using the product for awhile, your brush will tend to get goopy. Use a small lip brush so that you don’t end up with too much gloss on your lips. Always go with the saying that less is more. A little lip gloss goes a long way, and you definitely don’t want sticky, uncomfortable lips or lips that look like they’re drooling.