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There’s no greater feeling in the world than when you remove your bra after a long day. It doesn’t help that I have a larger chest, which means that I am always on an impossible quest to find the right bra. More often than not, I end up having to choose between comfort and cost. Can you guess which one wins every time?

My bra shopping horrors made me wonder what it would be like to go braless. Would I get to experience that feeling of freedom all day? Could I pull off the no-bra look without my boobs high-fiving each other?

Ladies, I’m here to tell you that the answer is yes.

I never realized how uncomfortable bras are until I decided to go out without one on for a day. It’s been scientifically proven that wearing a bra for long periods of time actually does you more harm than good. You wear bras to avoid sagging, right? Well, wearing a bra actualy has the opposite effect!

Despite popular belief, going braless isn’t only reserved for women who have a smaller chest. Here’s how you can rock the no-bra look, regardless of your chest size.

1. Shop for dresses and tops with built in cups.

There are times where wearing a bra streamlines your look. Compromise by rocking a dress with built in cups or padding. When you’re searching for a dress, make sure that the cups fit your natural shape.

2. Shop for dresses with lining.

As an alternative, you can wear dresses that have lining underneath. The lining acts as a barrier and disguises the shape of your chest.

3. The right crop top will change your life. 

Fact: Crop tops were made to be worn braless. I love that they come in so many shapes and sizes. This gives you more options to go braless since you can opt to wear a tight or loosely fitted one.

4. Wear lots of layers.

Winter is coming, which means you’re probably already a pro at this next trick. If you’re uncomfortable with your nipples showing, artfully drape a scarf around your neck to partially hide your chest. You can also layer a cardigan over your top to draw the eye away from your chest.

5. If you’re still not feeling it, try a bralette instead.

Baby steps. Wearing a bralette is the best way to ease yourself into the no-bra look. They also give you support without being too bulky. There are so many cute options online that you can choose from: lace, cotton, polyester, etc.

6. Oversized sweaters over everything.

Wearing a pullover sweater without a bra is the comfiest feeling in the world. This trick follows the same concept as rocking layers. I guarantee that no one will be able to tell the difference.

7.  Get extra coverage with a fitted tank top.

Not only will a tank top keep your girls in place, it will also accentuate your curves. You can wear this under your dress for backup support or rock it alone.