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To Bleach Or Not Bleach Pesky Hair

Random, out-of-place hair can be the worst. Luckily, there are tons of ways to deal with it. One of the options that everyone thinks of immediately is to bleach that hair so it’s are less noticeable. But is that really the right option? Below is your guide for figuring out if bleaching is for you, or if there are better options under the sun.

The Process Of Bleaching

Bleaching itself is pretty straightforward. You get a box of special hair bleaching product that is meant to bleach unsightly hair (Don’t use just any bleach or bleach product that was not made for this purpose. It could be toxic at worst or irritate skin at best). You then do your very best to follow the instructions on the box, usually it’s a matter of mixing together a white cream, letting it sit for a specified amount of time and washing it off. Then you repeat the process as necessary, usually every four weeks or so.

The secret to figuring out if you should bleach pesky hair is to know what you can and can’t put up with, and also what your situation demands. Despite the bleach being formulated to be gentle, it could be irritating on more sensitive skin. Then there’s the fact that it requires regular maintenance to keep that hair uniformly light.

Plus, bleaching hair is really only a necessary option if you have a lot of unsightly hair. If you only have one or two, then you can get away with tweezing them on a regular basis.

If you’ve decided that you’re not the bleaching type, it helps to know what other options are out there.

Alternatives To Bleaching

It’s a wide world out there when it comes to getting rid of unwanted hair. Most of us immediately think of bleaching, but don’t stop here. Below are some alternatives to conventional bleaching.

Waxing: Here’s the other popular solution people usually jump to instead of bleaching. If you’ve got some moxie towards pain tolerance, this may be your best bet. Hair reputedly grows back thinner and lighter over time with this method, and you’ll only need to complete it every three to six weeks. Again, find a kit specifically for facial hair waxing and follow the directions carefully for less irritated skin.

Sugaring: Here’s a hack for those who like to keep things natural. It’s basically a natural version of waxing, in that it also rips the hair right out of the follicle. Yet the mixture sticks to skin less, causing less pain. Still, beginners should probably start with purchasing a sugaring kit to avoid blotchy mishaps.

Hair removal cream: Also known as depilatory cream, this is a cream you apply to your skin and then wipe away. And your hair goes with it. It can be harsh for certain skin types, but they make creams for sensitive skin. These results usually last only a couple of days, however.

Threading: Yes, those types of places you see at the mall can also do hair besides the eyebrow. It’s more pricey and you’ll need a pro, but it can last three to six weeks.

Laser hair removal: This process is also expensive and you’ll need a pro, but it’s a permanent solution to a very obnoxious problem.

Makeup hacks: If your hair is very fine and on the more limited side, some basic foundation can hide it. Just be sure to apply it in the direction the hair is growing to fully hide it, or it may stick up and look more noticeable.

Now that you know your alternatives, that should help you decide whether to bleach pesky hair or not.