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It is no longer news that many dermatologists around encourage the use of toners as a necessary part of our skincare products. Toners can be a great boost to your skincare journey and overall skin health. However, what you probably didn’t know about toners is that there are some that can be used to fix the hair when dyeing or bleaching goes wrong. We have found a list of the best toners to cancel out orange hair when this unfortunate circumstance occurs.

Imagine trying to dye your hair blonde, but after all is said and done, you are left with a brassy orange shade. This happens a lot, and can be so frustrating. The good news is that when hair bleaching or dyeing goes wrong, toners can be used to correct it.

You are probably wondering how toners can cancel out the orange hair that you dread so much. Apart from that, there are tons of products on the market and finding the right one for orange hair might be quite a challenge. Nothing to worry about, though, you are in the right place! In this article, we will be talking about different toners to cancel out orange hair and the best options on the market to choose from when you find yourself in such a dilemma.

First of all…

What Makes the Hair Turn Orange?

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More often than not, if you are trying to bleach your dark hair, you end up having a brassy orange color because dark hair has many underlying pigments that you might not pay so much attention to during the bleaching process.

Red and orange are predominant underlying pigments in dark hair. As such, if you bleach your hair without bleaching out these pigments out, you’ll most likely end up with an orange color.

And if you have blonde hair, you may think you shouldn’t be affected, but here you are with the same brassy orange color. This is usually caused by the presence of chemical or mineral deposits in your hair. When there is a buildup of such deposits, you will also experience brassy orange results from bleaching.

Using Toners to Cancel Out Orange Hair

How to use a toner to cancel out orange hair and brassiness
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There are so many ways to correct orange hair. However, using toners is arguably, the most common remedy. The concept behind fixing orange hair is to neutralize the color by another counteractive color. For orange hair, different shades of blue will effectively neutralize the orange color. This explains why the majority of such toners come with blue or purple pigments – since they will combat and remove the yellow and orange tones in the hair.

In essence, if you end up with orange hair after bleaching, you can use a hair toner to improve the hair color. For better result, you can mix the toner with peroxide and apply immediately after bleaching your hair. However, you may need to repeat the process more than once to get the perfect result.

How to Choose the Right Toner

To determine the right toner for your hair, consider the predominant tone the hair has. If there are more yellow tones present than orange tones, a purple toner is perfect for you. And if you have more orange tones than yellow tones, get a blue toning shampoo or toner.

Blue Toners to Fix Orange Hair

1. Wella Color Charm – Medium Smokey Ash Blonde

Wella Color Charm in the shade Medium Smokey Ash Blonde

This is a great product for cancelling out orange pigments in your hair. Wella is a big name in the blonde hair market, so if you want a perfect blonde or gray hair with no orange residue, go for the Wella Color Charm in the shade Medium Smokey Ash Blonde. It lasts 43% longer than similar products from other brands.

2. Pravana Chromasilk Hair Color Corrector – Ash Blue

Pravana Chromasilk Hair Color Corrector – Ash Blue

This color corrector is efficient in neutralizing any unwanted colors in the hair, especially orange. It has an effective formula that restores the hair’s natural radiant look, and preserves its natural colors. The award-winning product comes highly recommended with lots of positive reviews.

3. Manic Panic Virgin Snow Hair Toner Amplified

Manic Panic Virgin Snow Hair Toner Amplified

Eliminate brassy orange color with this virgin snow blue-tinted toner that is designed to work on the lightest level 10 blonde. Apart from canceling out orange hair, this toner will also do some deep conditioning and dyeing of your hair – leaving an even-toned color.

4. L’Oreal Quick Blue 1oz-2pk W/20 Volume Oreor Developer 16oz & T18 Hair Color

L’Oreal is a household name in the hair care space, and this product is a powerful combination of a high-performance powder lightener and Wella’s color charm. Its liquifuse technology penetrates deeply into the hair and saturates the blue color, while fusing to the hair. It gives your hair a radiant shade that is fade resistant.

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