Glamour portrait of beautiful woman model with fresh daily makeup and romantic wavy hairstyle. Fashion shiny highlighter on skin, sexy gloss lips make-up and dark eyebrows
Image: Seprimor/Shutterstock

We admit it—we are lazy. Some days we wish it was good for you to sleep in your makeup so we never had to take it off and reapply. Tontouring is the closest thing to sleeping in makeup that’s good for you, and it actually works. Basically, tontouring is contouring your face with self-tanner so that you develop a 24/7 contoured face. You can wake up with great skin, set with shadows and highlights where they should be. The only thing left to do is apply some mascara and lipstick and you’re good to go.

To keep up this contoured face that requires no makeup, apply the self-tanner once a week. Begin with a gradual tanner to cover your entire face. Use a darker mousse tanner with a brush to apply in the areas where you would shadow: cheekbones, close to your hairline, and sides of your nose. Don’t be scared if this looks too dark. Use your fingers to carefully and slowly blend the edges for a natural contour.

In just a few hours you should see a natural contour that will last all week sans makeup. This technique is vital for busy girls and for those that simply can’t stand waking up and applying tons of makeup. This lightweight look only needs some eye makeup and lipstick to be complete. Peach, nude, and plum are great lipstick shades that match lightly bronzed skin.