dark blonde wavy hair color

Thinking of trying out a classic blonde shade? Dark blonde is usually seen as the in-between shade of brown and golden locks. Often, it’s the natural hair color people end up with after their light blonde childhood hair darkened as they got older. But maybe it’s time to take dark blonde back and really rock it. Below are some stunning looks that totally pull off dark blonde.

Ash Blonde

Ash blonde hair color
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One of the most classic dark blonde looks is darker ash blonde. It’s a classy, muted look if you’re going for pure sophistication.

Multifaceted blonde

multifaceted blonde
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Another way to wear dark blonde is to go for lighter highlights farther down on the lengths of the hair strands. It adds a bright bit of dimension to the look.

Blonde balayage

blonde balayage
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Technically containing dark blonde tones, this look stars in a natural brown color and fades down to light blonde by the end of the hair strand. It’s a fun, gradual look.

Dark blonde color melt

dark blonde color melt
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Another look is to start with the darkest blonde at the roots. A brighter blonde is applied to the hair thicker the farther down the hair length you go. The tone throughout stays on the more ashy dark blonde side with just hints of platinum highlights.

Warm dirty blonde

warm dirty blonde
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Dirty blonde always gets a bad rap. It’s called “dirty” blonde, after all, as if your hair is made of dirty dishwater. But this shade actually balances the warm tones of blonde with the dark tones of dirty blonde into an attractive color.

Sporadic highlights

sporadic highlights
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A stunning look is to have a dark base and add dark blonde highlights into the lengths. The contrast looks stellar.


ombre hair color
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Another idea is to have dark blonde as the base and then highlight just the tips in a lighter honey blonde. A cool idea is to have one highlight run down right next to the face to tie the whole look together.

Golden highlights

golden highlights
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A dark blonde base with golden highlights throughout is also a sure way to add dimension to this look.

Ashy balayage

ashy balayage
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Another idea is to have the darkest dirty blonde as a base and then add ashy blonde highlights that lead into ashy blonde lengths. It’s a nice way to highlight some of the ash tones of natural dark blonde hair.

Warm caramel dark blonde

warm caramel dark blonde

Dark blonde can also be a very warm shade, and a dark blonde that’s verging on a caramel shade is a comforting color. Some optional honey highlights can add to the effect.