Beautiful painted nails for autumn
Image: Imcsike/Shutterstock

One of the fun aspects of collecting nail polish shades are the new, holiday-themed releases. From candy cane themes to festive shimmer shades, it’s the perfect excuse to splurge. Some shades aren’t necessarily for the holidays, but work great for this time of the year, too. They’re perfect for when you want to use your nail polish for longer than one month out of the year. Below are some of the best nail polish shades to wear this holiday season, both holiday themed and more timeless.

Candy Cane Crush

A scented nail polish with red and white sequins is an instant win for the holidays. Try: KBShimmer in Candy Cane Crush.

Glittery Green

A strong glitter green both reminds you of evergreens and adds a festive holiday shimmer. Try: China Glaze Nail Polish in Winter Holly.

Shimmery Crimson

The same goes for a glittery red. It’s the favored crimson shade of the holidays combined with a festive glittery glow. Try: ILNP in Cherry Luxe.

Classic Christmas Red

You can’t go wrong with a deep, basic red for the holidays. Try: China Glaze Nail Polish in Red Pearl.

Dark Red

All shades of red make a great nail color for the holidays, including dark red. Try: ella+mila ELITE Collection in Holiday Fling.

Deep Red and Icy Glitter Duo

For a holiday look, deep red and a shimmery glittery white like the snow, look stunning together. You could go for an accent nail, white tips or whatever you can imagine. You can find a duo pair for sale in the Butter LONDON Double Take Kit.

Sparkle Collection

Holidays are a great time to break out any glittery nail polish, frankly. Glitter is so popular on gifts and in holiday decorations it makes sense to include it on your nails. This China Glaze Twinkle Collection will have you all set.

Shimmery Plum

Plum pudding for Christmas might not be too popular in the States, but this shimmery plum nail polish would still look great at any holiday party. Pretend you’re the Sugar Plum Fairy! Try: Orly Holiday Soiree Nail Lacquer in Oui.

Snowflake Sequin Polish

This look works around the holidays and for the rest of winter. It’s the perfect way to celebrate the snow. Try: KBShimmer in Snow Much Fun.