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Top 15 Hairstyles For Spring

Now that spring is here, it’s the perfect time to shake things up with your hairstyle. Whether you’re thinking of going long or short, below are the hottest hairstyles for spring.

Side parts: Long hair swept from a side part over the forehead is all the rage right now. It’s a classy way to show off your strands. Leave the hair loose over one eye for an alluring, mysterious look, pin it out of your eyes with a barrette or naturally sweep it out of your eyes. All options look ravishing.

Chin-length class: Straight, basic hair cut to the chin without bangs is a classy, sophisticated look that is sure to fit in any situation this spring.

Cuts of all varieties: Looking like you’ve just undergone a harsh battle with a scissors is a hit right now. From choppy, cropped bangs to very short hair with a messy look, get an uneven cut to be on the forefront of fashion.

Go natural: One of the hottest trends is to embrace your hair’s natural texture. Whether it’s curly, wavy or straight, nothing says “glamorous” at the moment like a mane of natural hair.

Sweep bangs: Bangs that are swept to one side from a side part are still at the forefront this season. It’s a great way to show off the classy contours of your face. Cut bangs short to only go to your eyebrow, or sweep them down and past your eye for a mysterious look.

Ponytails: High ponytails with a hair wraparound over a hair tie are huge right now. You’ll feel like genie.

Grown-out bangs: You’ll probably notice that playing with bangs is a trend this year. Grow them out to just under your cheekbone, and brush them to the side for an elegant look that pairs wonderfully with long, wavy hair.

Long layers: Long hair with layers throughout is a fun way to add some volume and texture to long locks.

Single, tight braids: Single braids down the back are in right now. The more creative and twisting the style, the better. You can easily recreate this look by twisting two strands together in a ponytail.

Uneven bangs: Bangs with a messy, cropped look are so in. Pair them with long hair or wear them as part of a pixie cut.

Cute pigtails: Pigtails are back in a huge way. This trend is easy and doesn’t require a full haircut. Metallic barrettes that span the space between the pigtails is a big hit as well.

Small braids: Small, individual braids in long, flowing hair make a strong accent this season. A few braids in the front are all you need for maximum impact.

Shaved sides: Want to really turn heads? Pair a shaved side with longer locks on the opposite side.

Messy buns: Messy buns are in this season (aren’t they always?). It’s the ultimate casual, low-maintenance look, and we plan on keeping them around for awhile.

Waves: Wavy hair in general is a popular hairstyle this spring. So show off those natural waves or add some gorgeous texture with a curling iron.

Let us know which of these hairstyles for spring is your favorite!