Your hair stylist loves it, and your friends are jealous of it – yes, having thick hair can be a blessing. But it can also be a nightmare to style, with some tools just not able to do the job quickly or efficiently enough.

We’ve rounded up the best curling wands on the market, each designed to turn unmanageable, thick hair into beautiful long tresses. Whether you’ve got short thick hair or long thick hair, whether you’re looking for beach waves or tight curls, you’ll find the perfect curler on our list to tame your mane.

How can I find the best curling wand for thick hair?

When looking for a curling wand for thicker hair, you’re going to want to take a look at the size of the barrel and the temperature. Thinner, more temperamental barrels are not ideal for thicker hair, as your hair can become entangled more easily and it will take a long time to curl a full head of hair. Heat also plays a role: you want a curler with a high enough temperature to hold and style thicker hair strands, without the temperature being so intense that it damages your hair. Always remember to use a heat protection spray when using heated hair styling tools.

Top 5 Curling Wands for Thick Hair: Our Picks

  1. The Waving Wand, Cloud Nine

As you can see from the photograph, the Waving Wand by Cloud Nine has a generously thick ceramic barrel, which is great for creating soft curls and grabbing thicker hair.

This curling wands heats up to 400F, making it the most powerful temperature in the Cloud Nine curling iron range. Heat is important when it comes to thick hair, as weaker temperatures won’t be able to give thicker hair the definition you’re looking for.

  1. Curl ID 1.25” Smart Curling Iron with Touch Interface

While this curling wand is certainly a pricey splurge, the Curl ID Smart curling iron is unlike any other hair curler! This tool determines your optimal temperature setting based on your hair texture and color, making it ideal for thick or unmanageable hair.

The professional swivel cord also keeps thick hair from getting tangled, and the CeraGloss ceramic barrel promises luscious, shiny locks! If you’re looking for a serious investment for your hair, this wand is your ideal choice.

  1. The Dreamwave by Wylera Hair

This beauty tool might look strange, but the Dreamwave by Wylera Hair is an innovative, temperature adjustable curling wand designed to give you quick, glossy curls in minutes.

How does it work? You simply place a strand of hair in the Dreamwave’s ceramic barrel and release it once the barrel stops rotating. No more hand cramp, no more double-mirrors and perfect glossy curls in just minutes!

Whether you want tight curls, beach waves or thick curls, the Dreamwave can do it all!

  1. GHD Curve Creative Curl Wand

GHD (“Good Hair Day”) is one of the best brands in the USA when it comes to hot hair styling tools: if you take regular trips to the hair salon, you’ll often see the GHD brand logo on a tool or a product somewhere! So, it comes as no surprise that the GHD Curve Creative Curl Wand is one of our top picks when it comes to curling wands.

The 1″ base is perfect for styling thicker hair, and the tool can give you whatever curl takes your fancy: beach waves, Hollywood curls, or tight, textured curls. High quality and versatile, this tool is a great – if slightly pricey – hair curler for thick hair.

  1. Fezax Cordless Auto Hair Curler

Coming in at number five, if you’re looking for the latest smart technology when it comes to your hair tools, the Fezax Cordless automatic hair curler can do the job for a fraction of the price of luxury brands.

With six temperature options ensuring that your thick hair gets enough heat to hold your curls, this tool can curl your hair in just minutes, using a similar mechanism as the Wylera Hair Dreamwave.

Simply insert your hair into the ceramic barrel and it will automatically curl your hair, giving you a glossy, even finish. At under $60, this tool is great for hair and beauty lovers on a budget.