Looking for a new way to do your winter nail art? One of the best ways to get inspiration is to look at the seasons. Unlike more permanent seasonal trends like hair color, getting the perfect winter season nails is a nice little temporary way to add some style to the cold, drab days of winter. Below are some top winter nail art trends for this season.

Silver glitter accent nail

Silver is a great winter color. It bespeaks of the shimmery, icy outdoors this time of year. Try combining solid silver nails with some silver glitter accent nails. Some silver rhinestones add to the effect.

Snowflake winter nail art

One of the most popular winter images is, of course, an iconic snowflake. They’re easy to draw with a few branched lines. They look great drawn in white over a deep color base coat, like they’re falling out of a wintery sky.

Snowflake with glitter nail

Another option is to have a neutral base coat with a white snowflake over the nail. Couple that with a glittery nails, preferably in a cool, wintery silver.

Wintery scene nails

If you’re something of an artist, another idea is to draw wintery scenes on your nails, like trees sticking out of a snowdrift.

Snowman and sequin nails

One stunning idea is to draw iconic winter images like snowmen and snowflakes over a shimmery sequin base coat. That’ll look like your designs are over a sparkly winter storm. You may need to have a gel coat over the sequin layer for a smoother surface to paint on.

Winter forest nails

Another option is to recreate a winter forest scene, either by painting or with nail stickers. Barren trees or evergreens work.

Adorable penguin winter nail art

If you’re looking for a winter theme, you can’t forget those ever-loveable penguins. Find a basic, cartoon penguin as a guide and get painting with nail polish. They’re pretty easy to paint on. Bonus points for an Antarctic shimmery blue or white base coat. Otherwise, there’s nail stickers galore featuring these cute little guys.

Winter shade ombre nails

Another option is to do some ombre nails in dark shades that are popular in winter. Have a deep purple fade into a pink, for instance.