These days, Amazon has pretty much become a necessary evil. As responsible consumers, we might try to patronize small businesses as much as possible and to cut down on online purchases that require a lot of energy to be shipped to us. But for certain purchases, online shopping just makes sense. As a gigantic marketplace with admittedly unbeatable deals, Amazon is host to some beauty steals that you might not be able to find in your physical location. In this article, we’ll discuss some of our favorite Amazon beauty buys–the truly epic products that are hard to find when shopping in-person.

Castor oil + applicator wand packs

Image: Amazon

You may be able to find castor oil at your nearest grocery store or health food store, but your odds of finding it in a package that includes applicator kits for your eyelashes and eyebrows are pretty slim. Castor oil is often hailed for its hair conditioning abilities, as well as its potential to stimulate hair growth (and while there may not be clinical evidence of this, the anecdotal evidence is pretty extensive). Check out this Organic Castor Oil by Foxbrim Naturals ($15.95), which is USDA-certified organic and comes with a set of applicator tools.

SheaMoisture’s African Black Soap Facial System Kit ($19.99)

Image: Amazon

This kit contains everything you need to take care of dry and/or acne-prone skin, and is gentle enough to use on sensitive skin. It includes a facial wash and scrub, a facial mask, a moisturizer, and a cleansing bar for face and body. It’s pretty much impossible to beat this deal: a range of natural, skin-healthy products for a seriously competitive price.

Mario Badescu’s Combo/Oily Regimen Kit ($30)

Image: Amazon

Mario Badescu is a sought-after skincare brand that’s not exactly cheap. This super cost-effective kit includes a face mask, cleansing lotion, cleansing gel, moisturizer and night cream. All of the products are designed to help balance oily and combination skin, gently easing your skin of excess oil without drying it or weakening its defensive barrier.

Siluno’s Professional Blackhead Remover Kit ($7.69)

Image: Amazon

This set of stainless steel tools could come in handy if you suffer from stubborn blackheads. It contains five specialized tools to use on different kinds of spots, and each tool has a special grip to keep your movements precise. We recommend treating your skin with care and gentleness, avoiding digging into your skin with any tools (or your fingers). We also recommend seeing a dermatologist for professional extractions if you suffer from severe acne.

Makeup brush sets

Image: Amazon

You can also scavenge some excellent deals on makeup brush sets–way more budget-friendly than buying each individual tool from a premium seller, as individual makeup brushes can cost upwards of $20. This makeup brush set from BS-MALL ($11.99) contains fourteen different brushes to help you perfect your makeup application. It includes tools for foundation, eye makeup, and lip makeup application.

Empty mascara tubes and wands

Image: Amazon

If you’re all about mixing up DIY concoctions, you can find many elusive tools on Amazon. It’s a great place to find disposable mascara wands for applying DIY lash and brow serums–you can even find a pack of 100 wands for $6.99. You can also find great deals on empty mascara tubes for storing your DIY lash and brow concoctions, like this set of five tubes and wands for $8.99.