tragus piercing
Image: Artem Furman / Shutterstock

When it comes to body piercing, one of the body parts that gets the most attention is the human ear. The ear may not be the biggest part of the human body, but because of its shape and intricate curves, this allows the ear to be the framework of beautifully displayed custom jewelry. That is why you can see there are many different ear piercing options available to choose from.

Where is the Tragus?

The tragus is actually the little flap of cartilage located at the beginning of the ear canal. Tragus piercings have been gaining its popularity over the years. You can enhance your appearance by wearing simple yet elegantly designed jewelry on your tragus. It is not to be confused with a daith piercing, which is said to relieve migraine symptoms, although they are in the same general vicinity.

Precautions you need to know before getting a tragus piercing:

  • While tragus piercing is not a complicated procedure, it is wise to exercise due diligence to find a professional piercer in the field to get the job done. Make sure your piercer has the experience with this type of piecing before. You do not want to take chances by going to piercer with no credentials. Tragus piercing, however, can be a little bit harder as compared to normal ear lobe piercing. You are required to lie on a bed or chair during the procedure.
  • Choose jewelry that you wish to wear very carefully because you will have it on for quite some time – generally from 8 weeks to about 3 months. The gauge of the needle that is used for your tragus piercing is also very important as this will determine the size of rings, studs, labrets and barbells that you are going to put on thereafter. After this, a special ring is then inserted into the hole and this will only be changed after it has healed. It is normally a painful procedure since bleeding is also involved but the pain goes away usually after a few days.
  • After you’ve had your tragus piercing done, you need to take the necessary aftercare steps to ensure great results and of course a speedy recovery. Try to keep the area clean and dry. You may apply anti-bacterial cream or solutions to prevent infection. You may want to clean the area with saline solution with cotton buds if necessary.
  • It will take at least several months to a year for your tragus piercing to completely heal. Of course, this duration may differ from person to person. During this time, you will want to be wearing your tragus jewelry or retainer all the time to avoid the piercing hole from closing up.

Quick tragus piercing recovery tips:

You also have to take good care of your pierced tragus daily to ensure that it heals properly. Failure to do so can risk you to become infected. Cleanliness is a must in taking care of your tragus piercing. You will have to clean it daily using saline solution or a disinfectant solution as advised by your piercer. Put some solution on a small piece of cotton and clean it gently from the outside going to the inside and twist the jewelry ring a bit to ensure that the solution gets into the hole. Do this with a clean hand to avoid any contact with bacteria.

You will also have to sleep on one side during this period to avoid getting hurt and to ensure it heals within the appropriate time frame. You can have both of your traguses pierced or only one, depending on your choice since different people have different tastes.