woman in airport

Travel in style while staying comfortable and organized – land the look with these airport fashion tips.

Go for lightweight, soft material and layers to combat temperature variables. Try comfy leggings or jeggings with flowy cardigans that could double as a blanket.

Depending on the temperature of your destination, a long, soft, lightweight scarf can be a huge power move, especially for long plane rides. Is it a scarf? Is it a blanket? Is it a pillow? All the above, my friend.

Maxi Dresses
Or a t-shirt dress of some kind, just make sure it’s a comfy material. It’s kind of like you’re wearing a full body blanket but everyone thinks you’re dressed up.

Matching your shoes with your outfit is essential. You’re looking for something comfortable, stylish, and easy to take off during security. I love wearing platform sandals because it looks like I’m wearing heels but they are actually super comfortable and easy to rip off during security. Sanuk Yoga Sling Sandals or regular flip-flops are also an easy go-to.

Don’t mix too many different colors. Stick with gray, black, and a pop of color; or maybe you’re going for dark brown, light blue and white. Whatever color scheme you decide to employ, stick to it and don’t go too crazy. This will help you look collected when you land despite the jet lag.


A pair of sunglasses helps you look professional, like you didn’t fall asleep and smudge your mascara while you were on the plane.

Wear something inexpensive, pick statement pieces over layers because it is easy to lose jewelry in an airport. Remember, you have to take it off in security. Long necklaces are smart because you can take them off without fumbling with a clasp, plus they add a lot of style to your outfit.

Cell Phone Wallet Card Holder
You can have another wallet in your carry on, but this sticky pocket on the back of your phone is awesome when you have to whip out your ID or your credit card for a latte with full hands. Order on Amazon for under $10.

Your Bag
Choose a sleek, lightweight carry-on in an understated, neutral color (brown, black, gray or nude are ideal). Don’t carry a tiny bag if you have a lot of stuff, bring something that has a place for everything so you don’t have to carry anything in your hands.

In your bag, pack essentials only but make sure you come prepared.

I’d recommend bringing:

  • something to write in or read
  • a couple items to touch up your makeup
  • chapstick
  • gum
  • hair ties
  • laptop/ kindle
  • headphones
  • snacks
  • a lightweight, empty water bottle to fill up before your flight

Put all of your small toiletries in a plastic bag beforehand, and keep everything else in order. Security is bad enough without an unorganized, overflowing tote.

Go for a super light makeup look, face makeup and a little mascara are enough since it will probably wear off. Less is more.

Pro tip: Wear lip stain. It makes you look more put together and stays put even though you may or may not have fallen asleep and drooled on yourself a little during your flight.