woman with blue eyes tweezing her eyebrows

Ever wondered how a face without eyebrows looks like? Or how scary poorly tweezed or threaded brows would do to your face? Being one of the most important features, eyebrows ought to be properly kept. Though there are many ways through which you can maintain them, tweezing and threading are the most popular. This brings us to the most debated question; which of these two techniques is the best? To come up with a conclusion, we must first analyze each of them:


Threading is one of the most effective hair removal techniques that requires the use of cotton thread to help get rid of unwanted facial hair. To get started, one has to make a loop using the cotton thread, insert two fingers (from each hand) on both ends and, twist it 2-4 times to create an X. The thread is then pulled along the unwanted hairs in a twisting motion hence trapping and lifting them out of the follicle.

Despite being a bit painful, threading is fast (takes a total of 3-5 minutes for both eyebrows) and effective. It also enables you get sharp and very well aligned brows, doesn’t leave the skin swollen or red (for it barely ever has any contact with the skin) and, it takes a while (normally between 6-10 weeks) before the hair grows back and when it does, it’s usually finer. Due to these benefits, threading is perfect for people with sensitive skin.


Just like threading, tweezing is the removal of excess eyebrow hair. But, unlike the former which requires the use of a thread, tweezing requires that one use a pair of tweezers.

In spite of it being a good enough technique, tweezing has more cons than pros. First, tweezers are expensive (most retail for over $10), the whole process is time consuming and requires a lot of patience, it has to be done by someone who has exceptional drawing skills and who knows how to pay attention to detail – for s/he will only be seeing the small part of the eyebrow that is being shaped and, is quite painful – chances of someone catching the skin rather than the hair are very high.

 In addition to this, tweezed hair grows back within a week’s time and is usually of the same density as before; it’s hard, even for a professional to tweeze finer hairs and; it’s highly probable that the brows will be crooked.

However, when properly done, tweezing can give very well defined and clean brows.

When it comes down to deciding which of these techniques is better, the decision being made should be individual. This is because different people have different needs and preferences. For instance, someone with a highly sensitive skin or one who’s looking for a more natural look will find threading to be the better option. But, if you are after a more sophisticated technique of shaping your brows, tweezing should be your thing.

Thus, we can conclude that neither of these two options is the winner or the loser. If you are undecided on what is good for you, fell free to experiment with both and once you find one that flatters your needs, stick to it.