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Two-Ingredient Exfoliator Recipes For Youthful Skin

It’s no secret that exfoliation is great for skin. It promotes quicker cell turnover, leading to fresher, smoother and more youthful skin. Exfoliating keeps skin clearer as it rids the skin of pore-clogging dead skin cells. It clears out clogged pores, reducing the appearance of pores. And it also helps other products absorb into the skin better, since they are not fighting those clogged pores. There really isn’t a reason to pass on exfoliating, especially with these easy two-ingredient exfoliator recipes.

For measurements, you’ll just want to combine the abrasive agent with a moisturizing ingredient like oil until you form a paste.

Brown Sugar & Olive Oil

One of the most popular bases for a scrub is olive oil. It’s moisturizing and works as a great way to get that slick texture that makes it easier to work with a scrub. Combining the oil with brown sugar will help you achieve gentile exfoliation that works well with sensitive skin, since brown sugar has more of a rounded granule.

Coconut Oil & White Sugar

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If you need to ramp up your exfoliation, try using white sugar. The granule of white sugar is a bit more jagged than brown. Combining it with coconut oil is a good way to balance out the slightly harsher granule, since coconut oil is such a strong skin-smoothing agent.

Almond Oil & Citrus Rinds

By: Suzette -
By: Suzette –

Almond oil is another popular scrub base. Any natural carrier oil will do. Citrus rinds are great if you want a burst of citrusy freshness in the scent. Lemons are great for brightening a complexion. Add a small splash of the juice to the scrub for extra lightening and astringent properties.

Honey & Nuts

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Finely grind some unsalted nuts (any kind will do, though almond is a very popular option), and add some honey. The honey is a great moisturizer. The almonds shouldn’t be too rough on the skin, but will provide the right amount of exfoliation.

Baking Soda & Yogurt

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Another common item in two-ingredient exfoliator recipes is baking soda. The texture of baking soda will allow it to work as a microdermabrasion agent. This is very useful if you have acne-prone skin that needs the most intense exfoliation. You’ll only need to use this once per week, or it could get too abrasive. The moisturizing and soothing properties of the yogurt may balance out the baking soda’s intense abrasion. For this one, combine equal parts baking soda and yogurt, since yogurt is already basically a paste.

Oats & Milk

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Oats are a classic way to exfoliate and even moisturize the skin. You’ll want to finely grind the oats, and then add the milk. The milk will also nourish and moisturize the skin. You’ll want this recipe if you’re looking for extra silky, Cleopatra skin.

Activated Charcoal & Jojoba Oil

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Activated charcoal is a natural health favorite for its detoxifying properties. It’s a great exfoliating agent, thanks to its granulated texture. Combine it with a carrier oil like jojoba.

Salt & Coconut Oil

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Need deeper levels of exfoliation for callused areas like elbows or heels? You’ll want to use either basic table salt, or if you have very tough skin, natural sea salt. It’s not recommended that you use salt on your face, as it can be too abrasive. Combine the sea salt with coconut oil, which will provide a heavy dose of moisture while you exfoliate those troubled areas.