close up set of crayons and mix color
Image: Shutterstock/botulinum21

5 Two-Ingredient Hacks For Makeup

There’s nothing like a good, easy makeup hack to save you time and money. Two-ingredient makeup hacks take the best of those hacks and turbocharge them: they usually involve cheap, common ingredients and are super simple to make. Get crafty with your makeup using the two-ingredient hacks below.

Crayon Lip Gloss

Playing with crayons may be something you thought of doing when you were a kid, but they make a great lip gloss as an adult. Just be sure to use the non-toxic Crayola brand crayons.

Place a glass jar in some boiling water. Then simply melt some coconut oil and the crayon in the glass jar (start with a teaspoon of oil to one inch of crayon). Stir the two together, and add more crayon if you want a deeper color. Pour it into a container, and let the mixture cool.

The great part of this hack is the sheer customization potential. You can mix and match colors to get the perfect shade, and you can even use the glitter crayons or scented crayons for something extra special. The coconut oil is also a great moisturizer.

Makeup Brush Cleaners

Have caked up makeup brushes? Simply combine one part olive oil to one part liquid castile soap. A few drops of each should do it. Then swirl the brushes around in the mixture to remove the makeup. Rinse them, and let them dry. That will clean the brushes without making them dry and crusty.

DIY Blush

It’s also super easy to make homemade blush. Just combine arrowroot powder and beetroot powder. Add the beetroot powder to the arrowroot to preference. If you want a deep red, go heavy on the beetroot powder. For a more subtle pink, have more arrowroot powder in the mixture. Then store, and apply like you would a regular blush.

Foundation & Bronzer

Here’s a sweet idea, literally! Combine Hershey’s cocoa powder with cornstarch. Like the blush above, add the cocoa powder to the desired shade, and then apply like you would a normal bronzer. It’s the perfect way to get rid of pale winter skin.

Customizable Nail Polish

Have some clear nail polish to use up, or can’t find just the right shade of polish? Want your nail polish to perfectly match your eye shadow? Simply combine a clear nail polish with some powdered eye shadow. Add the eye shadow to your desired shade intensity and mix well. Add glitter for a fun effect. It’s the perfect way to reuse all that crumbly, old eye shadow.