underlights rainbow hair
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Underlights rainbow hair is for everyone & you’ll want it stat

Want funky-colored hair, but you’re constrained by a situation that doesn’t allow for it? Maybe you have an office that would frown on neon green hair, or your mother would cry if you showed up to a family reunion with purple hair. Don’t feel like you can’t rock those colorful hues.

You can simply wear them as underlights, which just means highlighting the underside of your hair. That means when your hair is down you’re respectable office lady, and when you wear your hair is up you’re rocker chick. It’s the perfect way to adjust your look for whatever scenario life throws at you. Below is you guide for getting underlights rainbow hair.

How to underlight hair

Underlighting hair is on the tricky side. You have to get the back of your hair dyed perfectly, while keeping the top layer of your hair out of the way. That means you’ll need a friend’s help, a professional hair stylist or a ton of mirrors, hair ties and steady hands to master the underlights rainbow hair.

To do this look, simply tie half of your hair into a half-up style, making sure to pull away and cover the length of the hair that’s tied up. You’ll need to have your hair all one length to pull this off. Then you’ll simply bleach what’s hanging down (using a home bleaching kit and following the directions perfectly to minimize bleaching disasters, which can range from an irritated scalp to melted—yes, melted hair).

Once your hair is bleached you can apply your wild colors in brands like Special Effects (for the longest-lasting brand), Manic Panic, Directions or any other funky hair color brand.

To really hide the underlights rainbow hair look, only dye that top layer of exposed hair. Don’t dye all the hair that is hanging down, or people will be able to see it from the front.

Underlight color choices

A hallmark of the trend is to make that underlighted hair into a rainbow pattern, with the chunks of multicolored hair running vertically. It’s a fun, surprising look. People think you have one shade of hair, and then you pull it up in a half bun, and then, “Holy crap, it’s a rainbow!” It looks really stunning with a cool shade on top, like white or pale blue, if you are able to have an unnatural hair color all over. This look also really pops with black hair on the top.

You can also experiment with different shades when it comes to underlights rainbow hair. Complementary highlighting like purple and blue streaks work, or you could have just one bold color like bright red. The possibilities are endless.

How to style underlighted hair

During the day you can wear your underlights rainbow hair down and no one need know of your wacky hair. Then at night, the most popular way to style it is to pull it up into a half updo. To make sure the color really stands out, a popular hairstyle is to braid the top half of the hair into a twisted pattern at the top of the head, or do a knotted pattern with the pulled-up hair. A messy bun could also work if you’re crunched for time. Braiding hair in a half updo with the braid hanging down is also an attractive way to show the highlights on either side of the braid.