There are some people you know who just look amazing in pictures. They look almost the same in real life, but in their pictures they usually stand out. They manage to look so radiant in pictures that you cannot stop looking,… and then you see yourself. You look like you have gained 10 pounds, though you know you don’t look like that in person. The hair that you have meticulously prepared may look amazing in person, but it looks different or unflattering in photos. What are you supposed to do? 

You have accepted the fact that you are one of those people who are unphotogenic. It’s just a fact of life. While it can be frustrating, it’s important to remember that no matter what photos you do or don’t take, you are beautiful. You should not care about what other people think, especially if you know that you look amazing in person. But, no matter how much you try to convince yourself, you cannot help but become bothered that you might be a bit unphotogenic. What are you supposed to do then? Do not lose hope yet because there are various tips you can follow that will allow you to look lovely in photos.

Tips for the Unphotogenic

Know the angles of your face

A face that has a lot of angles can still look good in pictures straight-on because the cheekbones and the angles of the jaw can be shown. If you do not have an angular face, try to tilt your head a bit, and try to find what side of your face looks better in pictures. You may want to look at the camera while tilting your head a bit to show off the more flattering side of your face. It will make a huge difference.

Try to do something while being photographed

If you are just going to stand there, expect that you might look a little awkward and unnatural. You may want to move around a bit, or you can play with your hair or sunglasses. Doing these actions will make you feel less awkward, and they will also make your photos look more amazing.

Mind your posture

One of the reasons why your photos do not look as good as you want is because of your posture. A slumped posture is not an appealing look in photos. Straighten your shoulders and smile with your eyes. You will have better pictures that are worth posting.

Wear the right clothes

There are some pieces of clothing that will photograph better than others. Even if you are tempted to show off your new shirt with wide horizontal stripes, horizontal stripes will make you look heavier in pictures, so it may not be the best option. 

Bring out a natural smile

You will be more comfortable when you genuinely like the person who is taking your photo. You may try to converse with the photographer so that you can bring out a natural smile on your face. You will also look more relaxed, which is always essential in photographs.

Why stay unphotogenic? Try out our suggestions!