natural coconut oil
Image: Shutterstock/ORLIO

Coconut oil is one of nature’s most amazing moisturizers. It turns anything it touches super soft, while delivering a healthy dose of that super antioxidant vitamin E. So it’s only natural to use it as an easy overnight treatment, since it will nourish and moisturize all night long. Below are several ways to nourish your hair and skin with overnight coconut oil treatments.

Overnight coconut oil hair treatment

One of the most popular ways to use coconut oil is as a hair mask, since it’ll leave hair soft and shiny. You’ll need a few tablespoons of coconut oil, less if you have short hair. If the oil is hard, melt it slightly so it spreads easier.

Start by brushing your hair. Then massage the coconut oil into your hair, avoiding the scalp if your roots tend to get greasy easily. Then cover your hair with a towel or shower cap for the night. In the morning, rinse out the oil, and shampoo and condition like normal.

Overnight coconut oil treatment for the face

There’s a couple of different ways to get the most out of coconut oil before bed as a face treatment. One method is the coconut oil cleanse. This will clean away any dirt and grime from the day, and the oil will soak into your skin, helping it overnight. For this method, simply massage some coconut oil into your skin. Rub it all over for a good five minutes.

Then you let a hot washcloth sit on your skin for about 30 seconds to open the pores and help the oil soak in. Then blot dry with a dry towel. This will get rid of most of the slick feeling and will leave some of the oil on the skin overnight. Then in the morning cleanse as normal. This is a good regimen if you are prone to oily skin, since it doesn’t leave all the oil on.

If you have dryer skin, try this second method. You can simply apply coconut oil after you cleanse at night as you would a face cream. Just rub in it and leave it. Then in the morning, apply some more before you add sunscreen or makeup, letting it soak in for about 20 to 30 minutes first.

A warning about coconut oil: it can clog pores if you’re very prone to that sort of thing. If you worry about clogging pores, try the first method on a small spot of your face that’s in an unnoticeable area, like at the side of the jaw line. You can also do the first or second method with argan oil, which is not known to clog pores.

Overnight coconut oil cracked heels treatment

Coconut oil is a miracle for cracked and dry heels. Simply rub coconut oil onto your heels before bed. Apply a generous amount so there is a bit of a coating on the skin. Leave that layer on, and put loose socks over that. Leave on overnight and in the morning rinse off the coconut oil. Repeat at night until you see the desired result.