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Deodorant: you put it under your arms and it helps you not smell. End of story. Or is it? There are actually quite a few creative uses for deodorant you might not be aware of. So if you’re trying to stretch the most use out of your hygiene products, it doesn’t get more multi-functional than deodorant.

Matte your skin

This one is a little controversial. Deodorant isn’t meant to go on the face, so you might want to spot test it off to the side to make sure your facial skin is not sensitive to it in some way. But if you’re good after the test, you can apply a small bit of clear deodorant to your t-zone to reduce shininess.

Treat acne

One of the weirdest acne remedies and uses for deodorant of all time is to use that deodorant as a spot treatment. Just apply it right to the zit, rubbing in a small amount of clear deodorant. It’s supposed to draw out the moisture. In times of desperation, it’s worth a shot.

Take care of bug bite itch

Apply deodorant to a bug bite in a similar fashion as the acne spot treatment to relieve itchy spots. It’ll stop you from scratching, which can lead to nasty scarring.

Soothe razor burn

Apply deodorant to razor burn after you shave, and it works both for underarms and the legs. That will help soothe the irritation.

Foot care

One of the most popular alternative uses for deodorant is using it to take care of sweaty, stinky feet. Simply roll the deodorant onto the bottom of your feet before you put on your socks.

Nose care

If you’re headed for a hot day, apply a small amount of clear deodorant right to your nose. Your nose will sweat less and your sunglasses won’t slip. Plus, you’ll keep a more matte appearance.

Pretty up that hairline

If you sweat a lot around your hairline, add some clear deodorant to your skin right in front of your hairline. You hairstyle will thank you!

Reduce chafing

Apply deodorant to any areas that are prone to chafing right before you’re about to go out on a walk or a run. To reduce white marks, make sure you are using clear deodorant for this use.

Take care of blisters

If you are so devoted to a gorgeous pair of shoes that you’re willing to suffer for your beauty, this trick can be a lifesaver. You apply some clear gel deodorant right to the parts of your feet that tend to rub against the shoe. After it’s dry, put on the shoes. It should help prevent rubbing by creating a thin barrier