Coconut split in half
By: Hafiz Issadeen

I have experimented with cold pressed Coconut Oil that is sold in jars. You can purchase this in a grocery store, health food store or online. For quite sometime, I have used this as a skin moisturizer, hair conditioner, make-up remover and lip balm. I am 57, and feel that these natural alternatives are often the first choice for me! The coconut oil has worked very well for my skin. I would like to share from my experience how I used coconut oil to do these tasks!

Skin Moisturizer

A) I use a cotton Q-tip and simply dip it into the jar where I “scoop up” a small amount then I apply it to my face after thoroughly cleansing. After cleansing, I gently rub it into my skin and neck area using my finger tips with a gentle upward motion. The smell is wonderful! It feels a little greasy, but it does feel healthy! I leave it on for about 15 minutes, prior to my shower.

B) I also apply a fair amount to my neck arms and legs, using a cotton pad and rub it in like a lotion and wait the 15 minutes.

C) Then, I get into the shower and use a wash cloth or loofah sponge with a little bit of natural tea tree oil soap to wash it off.

D) The after results are freshly moisturized skin!

Hair Conditioner

A) If you hair is very dry, or the ends seem damaged, apply to dry hair (a small dollop will do!) and rub it in to the areas in need. I usually leave in on for about 15 minutes.

B) Wash with your favorite shampoo and conditioner and there you have it! Conditioned hair that feels great!

Make-up Remover

A) I always find it a challenge to remove eye makeup, even with the “best” make-up wipes, soaps etc… I take a cotton swab and apply a small amount of coconut oil to my eye area, and slowly circle my eye area gently.

B) I remove the left over makeup with a cotton pad using gentle swipes. Then I wash my face with warm water and gentle cleansing soap. I find that the coconut oil is very soothing as well as a great cleanser.

Lip Balm

A) I keep a mini stash of coconut oil in a small contact lens container. It is an exceptional lip balm! Easy! If you wish, you can add some colored lip stick to the other side, to get a ” tinted ” natural glow out of your coconut oil. One of my fave beauty tips!

Hope these tips helped you as much as I have enjoyed them!

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