Valentine's hearts
Image: Andrekart Photography / Shutterstock

Even though Valentine’s day can be fun, it has become a bit of a cliché. If you have a date, you probably go to the same old fancy restaurant in some variation of a red dress with your favorite pair of heels and a bold lipstick. You get some flowers and chocolate, and maybe your significant other writes you a nice heartfelt card. If you don’t have a date, you either get stuck at home eating monstrous amounts of chocolate or you go to the same Galentine’s Day party that you went to last year. While all of these options can be fun once or twice, after a few years, they get boring. It’s time for some fresh Valentine’s day alternatives Valentine’s day should be an exciting day to break up the dreary mundanity of February, not another holiday that you dread. More than that, it should be a time to really celebrate the people you love, whether that be a significant other or your mom or your best friend. While many Valentine’s day alternatives center on trying a new restaurant or throwing a unique Galentine’s day party, we have some other Valentine’s day alternatives to get you excited about love!

Celebrate your other loves

Valentine’s day primarily focuses on romantic love, but what if it didn’t have to? This holiday centers on hearts and bright red colors and emotion, but the best way to celebrate it may be to celebrate the other loves of your life. If you’re dating, maybe you try rescheduling your Valentine’s date and on February 14th you go have dinner with your parents or your siblings. If you’re single, try reaching out to the people you really care about, even if you aren’t romantically involved. Schedule a date with your best friend or your roommate or maybe even your dog! Not all love centers around romance, and you do not have to stick to the script when celebrating this holiday. Your platonic significant others like flowers too, you know!

Try an escape room

If you’re looking for something more exciting than going out to dinner or catching that new rom-com, look into escape rooms. While these aren’t as widespread as movie theaters, they have become the newest recreational fad. Places like The Escape Game have specific rooms set up with a number of riddles and clues that you must solve in order to escape the room. While it sounds easy, you only have about an hour to figure everything out, and it’s harder than you’d think. While this option can be more fun with your gang of girlfriends or other single people, it may also be an interesting date option. Escape rooms force you to interact with people in new ways and somewhat stressful situations, and you may learn things about each other that you didn’t before. Plus, it’s really really fun!

Celebrate it on another day

Even though capitalism has conditioned us into believing we must celebrate this day on February 14th, that may be hurting your Valentine’s day vibe. Sometimes the 14th isn’t even on a weekend, so it makes it difficult to truly celebrate when you know you have to go back to work the next morning. Don’t feel pressured into celebrating on Valentine’s day. If you have a date or a significant other, maybe you would have more fun if you rescheduled for another day. This also gives you the opportunity to do more exciting things like making a weekend trip or going somewhere truly special rather than going to the restaurant that you can only get to after work. If you’re single, try postponing your pity party or Galentine’s day celebration to a day where you can really have fun. Don’t spend your Valentine’s day watching sad romance films (or do), and instead plan a special day just for yourself. You could go to the spa or take a mini-vacation, or even just take yourself out for a nice night on the town. Turn your Valentine’s day into the thing you really need.

Do something spontaneous

Because Valentine’s day does happen just once a year, many people worry about planning out their day to make sure its perfect. Often people will schedule dates and make reservations in order to save time or make sure that they have a nice place to eat. However, this mentality may be why people get so bored with Valentine’s day. If you always schedule yourself on February 14th, maybe one of your Valentine’s day alternatives is to be more spontaneous. Try not scheduling a date and instead, decide the night of what to do. Or go out looking to find a date rather than having your friends set you up with someone ahead of time. If you’re single, try not to worry about what you’ll be doing and instead try something you wouldn’t normally do when you think about curling up in your pjs. Spontaneity can really spice up your Valentine’s day and it’s a great way to try something you wouldn’t normally try.