If you’ve been eyeing the vegan lifestyle, you may want to look into vegan beauty brands. It seems counterintuitive, since beauty products aren’t actually made of meat or cheese. But animal byproducts, like honey, beeswax, collagen and gelatin for instance, can sneak into your beauty products. Not only that, but these vegan beauty brands also usually come with a cruelty-free stamp, meaning they’re not tested on animals, either. Below are some of the best vegan beauty brands.

Nature’s Gate: This popular line of all-natural beauty products is easy to find in beauty and convenience stores. They have vegan makeup products and boast being cruelty-free.

Pacifica: Another popular line, this company states that all its products are 100% vegan and cruelty free right in its logo.

Arbonne: This botanical-based beauty line has everything from skincare to vegan makeup to bath and body products. They combine the best of nature with science, but are vegan certified.

Beauty Without Cruelty: This company’s products are 100% vegan, and the company is part of the Member Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics (CCIC) for Cruelty-Free Products.

ColorProof Evolved Color Care: This hair color protection line is 100% vegan and does not test on animals. It also strengthens the hair, as well as protecting its color.

Ahimsa Naturals: Ahimsa promises all-natural vegan body care products. It sells a number of soaps, including pet soaps and baby products. It also has lotions and shampoos, and even offers gift baskets.

Ellis Faas: This beauty line states that its products are “only tested on supermodels.” Most of their products are vegan, save their mascaras, Creamy Eyes products and some of the lip products. All other products, like their foundations and eyeliners, are vegan.

Arctic Fox: Arctic Fox is a relative newcomer into the fashion hair dye market, being founded in 2014. It offers a line of vivid semi-permanent hair colors in shades like Purple Rain and Sunset Orange. The goal was to make a product that doesn’t stain sinks or bleed onto shirts (a major shortcoming of many classic wild hair dye brands). And, of course, it’s vegan and cruelty-free.

Gabriel Cosmetics: This company offers both vegan and gluten-free cosmetics. They have everything from nail polish to lipstick to vegan makeup palettes.

Relogy: A constant struggle against acne may have led some of us into the skincare lines with harsh chemicals and who-knows-what-else in them. This acne-fighting line has botanical ingredients, no animal testing and is, of course, vegan.