Applying makeup carefully
Image: Shutterstock/InnerVisionPRO

There’s nothing worse than putting on a coat of foundation and realizing your face doesn’t match your neck. Luckily, this website finds your perfect shade every time. For those of us pretending to know the difference between Apres Ski and Bronze Special, is a huge lifesaver.

Testing a new makeup brand and getting your shade right the first time is almost impossible. Most people resort to only one or two brands because they have a reliable shade that works for them. It’s comforting to gaze upon intimidating and exotic-sounding foundation shades and know exactly what will match your skin. asks about what existing foundation you use then generates a perfect match for your same skin tone in other brands and products. The website walks you through different categories starting with what brand you wear, then what products you use from that brand, and finally, what shade you wear.

You are then given an option to add more matches or find your match based on one product. The more products you add, the more closely your results will match your skin tone.

Once you have added all of your previously used products, you will be met with a list of recommended matches for you. even gives you an option to receive your matches by email.

You might be wondering, how does this even work? takes into account what shades people all around the world wear. It then uses an algorithm to generate which colors are alike among various brands and products.

The site recommends you don’t guess which shade you wore if you can’t remember, go check the packaging just in case. Also, only enter in shades you feel are representative of your skin. If your skin tone changes with the seasons, enter the shades that match best most of the year.

No more guess and check! Say goodbye to foundation too dark or too pale for your complexion.