Happy weekend, ladies! This weekend is all about staying warm and making a statement. We have some style ideas for you to add to your wardrobe—no matter what your plans are.

Lace up ankle boots

Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

This style of boot can come in many shapes in sizes—and that’s the best part. Isn’t this olive green color gorgeous? Why not venture out of your comfort zone of taupes and black shades of shoes, try a slightly bold color. Your wardrobe can handle it.

Boyfriend jeans

These jeans are pretty ripped up, but boyfriend jeans can be as ripped as you want. The beauty of fashion. The key is for the fit to be loose, but not too loose. As if you’re wearing your boyfriend’s jeans, hence the name. Cute right?

T-shirt dresses

T-shirt dresses are one of the most simple staple pieces you need in your wardrobe at all times. They can be casual with sneakers on a chill day, or dressed up with a leather jacket and heels for a night out. Perfection.

Long coats

You don’t have to be a mature adult to wear a super long coat. A neutral tone can go with a casual outfit (like above) or with a super dressy look for a night out. As soon as it gets cold enough, you’ll be pulling this piece out of your wardrobe daily.

Chunky sweaters

Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

If you ask me, literally any type of sweater is an essential. They’re cute, comfy and warm. What else could you want? I especially like chunky ones, that sort of look like they’re swallowing you, but in a cute way. With layered jewelry and a pretty bralette, your wardrobe can make room for a few more chunky sweaters.