BeFunky Collage

What are you wearing this weekend? You never know what the weekend could bring, so we believe you should always have some fashion inspiration on deck, just in case. Whether you have no plans or all the plans, we’ve got an outfit for you.

Pleated shorts

Are these not the classiest shorts you’ve ever seen? Perfect for work, school or any occasion where you want to look like a boss babe who has her sh*t together. Bring out your cute, professional side.

Short ankle boots

I’m always in the mood for a cute ankle boot, but sometimes we all need to be a little more casual. Ankle boots with a small heel are perfect for everyday wear, and they’re pretty much guaranteed to be comfortable.

Printed bandana

We’ve already talked about bandanas here before, but printed bandanas are having a moment. Perfect to spruce up a bland outfit, printed bandanas are a cute and daring accessory you need.

Embroidered dress

Can you tell we like embroidery? Even though it’s summer, why not pull out a cute black dress and some booties for your next dinner date with friends?

Casual crewneck outfit

This outfit is honestly perfection for any casual Saturday. The rose tones are speaking to me (so it the rosé), and who can go wrong with ripped jean shorts and cute slides?