weekend wardrobe

What are you wearing this weekend? With summer nearing it’s end (cringe), we think you should be taking full advantage of the warm weather while it lasts – which includes dressing the part. Here’s a few of the things we’ll be wearing this weekend.

White bathing suit

Looking a little pale this summer? It happens to the best of us. Throwing on a white bathing suit for a pool day will instantly make you look more bronzed with no effort. Plus, this off the shoulder style is so cute.

Wide-legged jumpsuit

A fitted jumpsuit is always sexy, but do something different and reach for a wide-legged jumpsuit to spice it up. They’re flowy and comfortable, and you’ll look super fashion forward effortlessly.

Button-up denim skirt


You need 5 of these skirts in every color because you can literally wear them with anything. No, that’s not an exaggeration. You can wear it with a t-shirt, a tank, a crop top, a flowy top, a tight top, you name it.

Tassel dress

Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Tassels make everything cuter. Paired with some wedges and cute jewelry, a tassel dress is perfect for any weekend fun.

Pleated maxi skirt

What gives off boho vibes more than a maxi skirt? Go the casual route like in the photo above, or grab a cute crop to dress it up a little more. Carefree and cute.

Wrap top


I wasn’t totally sure what to call this top.. wrap top? Tie top? Tie crop? Anyway, I’m living for it. It’s the perfect amount of detail to be the focal point of an outfit.