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It’s almost the weekend. Just one more day and you’ll be met with time for yourself, and a little fun. No matter what you’re planning for this holiday weekend, try out some of these statement pieces to take any outfit to the next level.

Body suit

Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Body suits are so versatile. You essentially wear them as a shirt, but they stay flat, tight and tucked in. Whether they have an edgy neckline, long sleeves or a detailed collar, you seriously need to try them. Plus, they’re super comfortable.

Flared jeans

Apparently it’s the 70s again. Flared jeans are always a fun way to play up your outfit and bring a vintage vibe. Pair them with a flowy top, or even a crop top if they’re high wasted.

Layered necklaces

If you’re outfit is fairly simple (maybe even a little boring), throwing on a few necklaces will make you look more put together than you really are. Play with different lengths and figure out what flatters the neckline of whatever you’re wearing. This is a perfect opportunity to incorporate your favorite choker.

Cropped sweatshirt

Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Cropped sweatshirts can make a casual, bum outfit look so much cuter. Whether you’re running errands or lounging around the house, why not feel a little cute while doing it?