weekend wardrobe

Spring fashion is one of our favorite things to play with. Since it’s warming up, we’ve got some fashion inspiration for you this weekend.


You don’t have to be a southern belle to rock some camo. Incorporating camo into one piece of your outfit can take the whole thing up a notch. You can even treat it as a neutral, since olive green has basically become one at this point.


Tassels add a little piece of summer into your look instantly. To me, they scream warm weather and fun. Make sure if you’re wearing something with tassels, it’s the only piece in your look that has them.

Light bomber jacket

Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Bomber jackets can be springy too. Choose one that feels light as a feather, and is made with a fairly thin material. These jackets are so versatile and can be added to almost any outfit – choosing a floral pattern is just a bonus.

Embroidered bag


The bag you choose to carry can make a huge difference in the appearance of your overall look. Try finding a unique embroidered bag to carry when you’re wearing a simple outfit – like all white or black. The bag will stand out and complete the outfit.

Ruffled shorts

With the warming weather comes your opportunity to rock those cute shorts that have been hiding in your closet. Ruffled shorts can be super flattering, but you have to pair them with the right top. Something a bit form fitting, but not too tight will allow the attention to be on your bottom half without taking away from the top. A cute crop, tank top or even a light sweater will perfect the look.