Happy almost weekend, my lovely friends. I’ve got quite a few items to share with you to inspire you to change up your fashion game a little. Step out of your comfort zone with some of these styles, because why not?

Deep V

A deep v romper, dress, or blouse can add a bit of sexy to your entire look. Make sure you’re comfortable with the amount of cleavage showing, and that the front won’t fly open and expose your business for everyone (unless you’re into that.. in that case, you do you). Some dress tape can prevent a catastrophe.

Ruffled top

Ruffles are in. They’re the cutest little detail to add to a simple outfit. Try to stick with one item in your outfit that has ruffles so you don’t over-do it.

Dress up a flannel

Flannels are typically pretty casual, but who says you can’t add a few extra accessories to make it look a bit nicer? Choose some light dangly earrings, chunky bracelets and rings, or even a hat to spice up your casual ‘fit.

Long flowy dresses

Flowy maxi dresses are probably the most fun and girly thing ever (and this one has bananas all over it, um, cute). These dresses are probably more comfortable than anything else in your closet, and you can rock a messy bun and still look put together while wearing it. If I could wear one of these every day, I would.

Light fuzzy cardigan

Even though it’s summer, a light cardigan can always find its way into your wardrobe. Maybe your school/office is freezing, the nighttime air has a chill, or you just want to spend a cute and cozy night in watching reality tv (my guilty pleasure). Keep your soft sweaters out just in case.

Sneakers with a dress

I’ve shared something similar to this combo before, but I love the look of pretty lace with super casual shoes. This is such a fun outfit that is actually comfortable and wearable for day to day. (P.S. That’s me, attempting to model!)

Crocheted top

Crocheted tops can be a little tricky (taming the girls, that is) but if you have the patience to figure it out, do it. I mean just look at that top… it’s absolutely perfect for anything fun you have coming up. A concert, beach day, bar-hopping or even a fun girls lunch are all the perfect time to bust out the crocheted top.